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The Cisco Workplace

Workplace transformation

Our solutions integrate leadership engagement, change management, design, procurement, policy, and technology to transform the workplace experience.

See how the Cisco Singapore office went through a workplace transformation to improve collaboration, reduce real estate costs, and drive employee engagement

Our results 2019


36% decrease in Real estate Portfolio From 2012 to 2019


67.4K Carbon reduction Annual Carbon emissions reduction


$224M OpEx savings Annual savings from portfolio optimization

Our solution


Our sales environment supports both customer engagements and highly-mobile sales teams. The program provides a choice of different space types in activity-based neighborhoods.


Our workplace designed for engineers supports focused work, collaboration, and agile engineering processes. This solution integrates design, policy, and technology into one workplace program.

Services and operations

Our solution balances enclosed and open spaces, emphasizing choice and flexibility, and delivers one solution that meets the needs of different client groups.

See the workplace in action

Enjoy this visual tour of Cisco’s workspaces all over the globe. (2:58 mins)

Use cases

Cisco Canada

The Toronto office enables modern workstyles by connecting people, process, data, and things on a single data network, earning the title "the smartest office building in the world."

How we transformed

See how our unique technology platforms converge with the physical space to enhance the human network.

Workplace design | Technology integration

The workplace of the future

With the help of IT, companies can increase productivity and the bottom line as the workforce becomes more mobile.

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