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Cisco Stealthwatch - Network visibility and security analytics

Network visibility and security analytics

Cisco Stealthwatch uses NetFlow to provide visibility across the network, data center, branch offices, and cloud. Its advanced security analytics uncover stealthy attacks on the extended network. Stealthwatch helps you use your existing network as a security sensor and enforcer to dramatically improve your threat defense.

Detect threats faster with Stealthwatch

The most dangerous threats are the ones you can’t see. Get the visibility you need to monitor your entire infrastructure and detect threats before damage is done. As part of the Cisco portfolio, Stealthwatch delivers security that is simple, open, and automated for integrated threat defense and strong protection.

  • 76% of IT professionals

    of IT professionals

    Say visibility is biggest challenge. Source: Ponemon Institute
  • 97% of organizations

    of organizations

    Believe in network monitoring. Source: Enterprise Strategy Group
  • Time to detection

    Time to detection

    Source: 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report


Extend your network visibility

Extend your network visibility

Gain unprecedented visibility into the internal network to detect attacks that get past perimeter defenses. Collect valuable security data from routers, switches, firewalls, and endpoints to increase awareness of threats.

Speed up incident response and forensics

Speed up incident response and forensics

Quickly detect issues, including malware, insider threats, and sophisticated attacks. Store flow data for long periods of time. Use advanced security analytics to conduct better investigations.

Secure your data center

Secure your data center

Extend visibility and control to your data center, monitoring both north-south and east-west traffic. Add role-based monitoring and better network segmentation by using Stealthwatch with Cisco ISE and Cisco TrustSec.

Protect branch networks

Protect branch networks

Extend advanced network protection to the branch with the Stealthwatch Learning Network License. Turn your router into a security device to obtain deep visibility across your branches and respond faster to threats.

Put your visibility to the test

Put your visibility to the test

See what risks exist on your network with a free visibility assessment.

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Customer resources

Optimize your Stealthwatch deployment with training, services, and support.

Stealthwatch training

Stealthwatch training

Get the most out of Stealthwatch by using the learning paths created by our Customer Success Educational Services team.

Professional services

Professional services

Work with the Professional Services team to optimize your Stealthwatch deployment and meet specific business needs. 

Customer support

Customer support

Get assistance from our 24x7 Customer Support team to implement, troubleshoot, and maintain the Stealthwatch system.

Security by design

Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Learn how you can identify malware in encrypted traffic using network analytics.

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Network visibility checklist

If you can’t detect these activities, you’re giving threats a place to hide. 

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Network visibility checklist


Cisco Services help you integrate technologies, migrate from other tools, and optimize your existing solutions so you get the strongest possible security.

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Insurance company improves incident response

Case study: Insurance company improves incident response

"We needed improved situational awareness on our network as a whole, especially insight into our remote branch locations…. Stealthwatch has provided us insight into areas of our network that we did not previously have. Whenever I do an investigation, one of the first stops I make is to pull the flows for the assets in question from Stealthwatch."

Jamison Budacki, Senior Information Security Architect, Erie Insurance

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Elavon gains critical network visibility

Case study: Elavon gains critical network visibility

"When I walk into an organization and I know I need a basic understanding of what’s happened or [what’s] going on, Stealthwatch has always come through for me. ...Stealthwatch’s greatest asset for my team has been [that] when no one’s paying attention, Stealthwatch is in the background still watching."

Phil Agcaoili, CISO, Elavon

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Read what others say about Cisco Stealthwatch

Read what others say about Cisco Stealthwatch

"Stealthwatch out of the box gave us visibility into the network traffic and communications between end points that we previously could not see."

Kyle Allison, Operations Manager, Southern Company

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News and events

Best network security product

Best network security

Stealthwatch is a Gold Winner for Network Security Product of the Year in the 2017 Stevie Awards.

Gain visibility in your public cloud

Gain visibility in your public cloud

Introducing Stealthwatch Cloud. Get started with today a free 60-day trial

Kudos from customers

Kudos from customers

See what our customers say about the network visibility they achieved with Stealthwatch.

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Learn more about today’s top security issues and how Stealthwatch can help.


Stealthwatch Learning Network License

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