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Cisco Security Analytics and Logging

Raising the bar on network security

Cisco Security Analytics and Logging improves network visibility so you can quickly detect threats in real time and remediate incidents with confidence and at scale. Gain insights from behavioral analytics and get actionable security intelligence to help make your security team more efficient. Enable your network teams now with the power of security analytics.

Available now for Cisco Defense Orchestrator managed NGFW devices.

Why choose Cisco Security Analytics and Logging?

It's simple

Aggregate intelligence by analyzing real-time NGFW events and network telemetry. 

It's intelligent

Accelerate, simplify, and increase the accuracy of policy decisions. 

It's effective

Get complete network visibility and accelerate threat detection.


Simplify security management

Greatly reduce false positives with high-fidelity alerts supported by underlying observations.

Harmonize policy management

Monitor networks and modify policy by deploying behavioral-based analytics on firewall logs and network telemetry.

Enhance threat detection

Detect internal and external threats by proactively monitoring the behavior of the network using advanced analytics.

Meet compliance mandates

Easily monitor your organization for compliance with industry regulations such as the PCI standard, HIPAA, and FISMA.

Save time and work smarter with Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Aggregate and centralize intelligence

Logs are stored securely in the cloud and are accessible and searchable from Cisco Defense Orchestrator.

Identify and enrich high-fidelity alerts

Prioritized threat alerts help enable you to focus on what matters most.

Integrated tools

Cisco's integrated security tools share and correlate data automatically to help you see and stop threats.


Monitor networks and modify policy by deploying behavioral-based analytics.

How we apply machine learning?

Cisco Security Analytics and Logging, powered by Stealthwatch Cloud, uses ML to analyze massive amounts of network data so you can take action on severe threats immediately.

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