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Cisco SecureX: Integrations and Partners

Accelerate threat hunting and incident response by seamlessly integrating SecureX and your existing security technologies.


Simplify security investigations

Connect your entire security stack--Cisco or otherwise--for faster investigations.

Gain comprehensive visibility

Aggregate and correlate security context from multiple technologies in one view.

Maximize ROI

Get the most out of your existing security investments, including from our technology partners.

Why SecureX threat response integrations matter

Truth be told, the value of SecureX threat response is in its integrations. Simplify your security operations with products that work together in SecureX threat response to accelerate threat hunting and incident response. This is especially important when you are under attack and time matters most.

With SecureX threat response, you can connect your existing security tools--Cisco or third-party--to aggregate and correlate security context and intelligence from multiple security technologies into one console.

How to integrate tools with SecureX threat response

You have flexibility when bringing your security tools together, whether it be through built-in, pre-packaged, or custom integrations.

Built-in integrations

Developed by Cisco and select third-party technology partners, customers can instantly configure built-in integrations in SecureX threat response.

Pre-packaged integrations

With Cisco or partner-developed packages, customers use ready-made scripts and customer-provisioned cloud infrastructure to configure integrations.

Custom integrations

Customers can leverage SecureX threat response APIs and APIs of other technology vendors for any custom integration. See SecureX threat response on DevNet to get started.

Building the platform of the future

Cisco's open partner ecosystem continues to grow and create more integrations so you can connect your existing security stack to simplify security operations.

Cisco and third-party integrations

Key Cisco Security integrations

SecureX threat response brings together the Cisco Security portfolio for faster investigation and incident response. If you have Cisco Secure Network AnalyticsSecure FirewallSecure EndpointUmbrellaSecure EmailSecure Web Appliance, or Secure Malware Analytics, SecureX threat response is included with your license at no additional cost.

Third-party integrations

Our SecureX threat response partner ecosystem helps security operations teams manage threat intelligence and security context, as well as automates incident response--all in a single console.