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Cisco SecureX

Simplify your security with the broadest, most integrated platform.

A simplified platform experience

SecureX connects our Cisco Secure portfolio and your infrastructure, creating an integrated and open security platform. It unifies your entire security ecosystem in one location for greater simplicity and visibility, and maximizes your operational efficiency with automated workflows.

Benefits of SecureX

Confidently secure your business

Meet your security needs of today and tomorrow with the broadest, most integrated security platform that covers every threat vector and access point.

Accelerate time to detect and investigate threats

Gain actionable insights across your entire security infrastructure, including network, endpoints, cloud, and applications, to help accelerate threat responses and realize desired outcomes.

Automate workflows to lower costs and strengthen security

Increase the efficiency and precision of your existing resources via automation to advance your security maturity and stay ahead of an ever-changing threat landscape.

Collaborate better than ever

Share context between SecOps, ITOps, and NetOps to harmonize security policies and drive stronger outcomes across workflows that turn security from a blocker to an enabler.

Simplify to maximize benefits

Advance the potential of your Cisco Security investments, try other components of the Cisco portfolio with a click before you buy, and connect to your existing security infrastructure via out-of-the-box interoperability.

Why integration matters

In this analyst report, read ESG's take on the pitfalls of point cybersecurity products and why more industry integration is needed.

Advance your security maturity

Wherever you are in your security journey, no matter the size of your team, SecureX helps you grow using the solutions you already have.

Learn why a platform approach is right for you

Customers are already seeing value from our security platform.

Accelerate threat investigation

98% of customers found the unified view enables rapid threat response.

Make informed decisions

95% of customers say that our security platform helps them take action and remediate.


Share context and workflows

91% of customers find that our security platform helps their teams collaborate more.

Why choose Cisco for your security platform

We built a platform to redefine security, because solving problems is in our DNA.

Unrivaled threat intelligence

Delivers the power of the largest threat research team on the planet to your SOC with Cisco Talos.

Comprehensive Zero Trust

We were named a Leader in the 2019 Forrester Zero Trust Wave report. The strength of our offerings, strategy, and roadmap sets us apart.

Open and flexible integrations

We provide more effective security through a high Internet standard for open integrations. Our open ecosystem of 170+ partners lets you build on what you have.

Protects 100% of Fortune 100

We meet the security needs of today and tomorrow of every Fortune 100 company with solutions that cover every threat vector and access point. 


An effective security operations center is not just about great technology. It is about how your people, processes, and technology work together to identify threats and take corrective action.  Prepare for, manage, and recover from network attacks and data breaches with Incident Response Services.