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Cisco Firepower 1000 Series

Simplified management and robust protection for small offices

Simplify your security. With 1000 Series firewalls and Cisco Defense Orchestrator, you get class-leading security while spending less time on firewall administration. Defense Orchestrator upgrades firewalls with one touch, automatically de-conflicts overlapping security policies, and even centralizes management of your AWS VPC image security rules. Best of all, it manages firewalls with both Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and Firepower NGFW software.

2021 Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award

Cisco Secure Firewall earns an exclusive award for excellence in the global network firewall market.

Why Cisco 1000 Series firewalls?

World-class security controls

Get industry-leading Cisco Talos threat intelligence, automatically updated daily.

Consistent policy and visibility

Simplify security management, with visibility across your networks.

Integrate network and security

Transform your network into an extension of your security architecture.

Cisco named a leader

Forrester has named Cisco a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Firewalls, Q3 2020.

Features and benefits

Simpler management

Simpler means faster configuration, less costly management, and more time to focus on driving your business. Select the management option that fits your environment and the way you work. Choose between cloud-based Defense Orchestrator, centralized on-premise, or on-box management.

Core to the value of our open security platform

As you grow, our open platform approach protects your security investment. Our open platform enables time-saving policy harmonization and threat correlation across network, cloud, endpoints, email, web, and more.

High-performance threat defense 

Enhance your business resiliency with superior threat defense. The Firepower 1000 Series protects against malware, with automatic daily security updates from Cisco Talos. With its unique architecture, the Firepower 1000 Series maintains throughput in real-world conditions, even when next-generation IPS threat inspection is activated.

Quiet operation, with switchports and PoE

Firepower 1010 provides switchports and Power-of-Ethernet (PoE) in a fanless desktop form factor. Perfect for connecting an IP phone or printer.

Compare Firepower 1000 Series models

  Firepower 1010 Firepower 1120 Firepower 1140 Firepower 1150
Throughput: FW + application visibility and control + IPS (1024 bytes) 890 Mbps 2.3 Gbps 3.3 Gbps 5.3 Gbps
Integrated I/O 8 x RJ-45 (includes 2 POE+ capable ports) 8 x RJ-45, 4 x SFP 8 x RJ-45, 4 x SFP 8 x RJ-45, 2 x 1 Gbps SFP, 2 x 1/10 Gbps SFP+
Form factor Desktop 1RU 1RU 1RU

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Everything you need for your small business

Cisco Secure Firewall Small Business Edition affordably includes everything you need. Save time with simple cloud management and logging, threat protection, and remote access VPN.

Cisco Demo Zone

Looking to experience Cisco Security products, software, or solutions? From audio podcasts to product walk-throughs, explore everything our demos have to offer.

Refreshing or migrating your firewalls?

If you are already a Cisco Secure Firewall ASA customer, you can upgrade to another ASA solution--or take advantage of advanced threat defense options including IPS, malware defense, application visibility, and more, with Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense solutions.
If you are migrating your ASA or a firewall from another vendor, explore the Cisco Firepower Migration Tool


Secure Firewall Management Center

Provides unified management of firewalls, application control, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and malware defense. 

Defense Orchestrator

Manage security policies simply and consistently from the cloud.

Security Analytics and Logging

Scalable log management with advanced analytics means faster time to detection.

Customer success stories

Festo remote workers keep innovating with Cisco Security in the cloud

“Speed is the currency of the digital economy and partnering with Cisco Security made our deployment to AWS and Azure fast and easy.”

-Philipp Neidlein – IT Product Manager Voice & Data Network, Festo

Managing security at scale with Defense Orchestrator and Threat Response

“With Cisco Defense Orchestrator we can manage all of the security appliances and devices in one location, from one control panel.”

-Aaron Hackney, Principal Architect, Rackspace

Cisco firewalls simplify security management for college district

“Cisco Defense Orchestrator makes firewall builds, management, visibility, and auditing infinitely easier. Things that take 10 minutes in [Defense Orchestrator] take a day or more without it.”

-Mike Muzinich, Senior IT Network Administrator, Los Rios Community College District

New Castle Hotels and Resorts

“Cisco isn't like other security companies that are primarily hardware or primarily software. Cisco is both. That was really important to us, because we knew we needed control on endpoints, in the cloud, and on-prem at our properties.”

-Alan Zaccario, VP of IT and Cybersecurity, New Castle Hotels and Resorts

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See, try, or buy a Cisco Secure Firewall

Purchasing a firewall is a big decision. We can help every step of the way. Let us set up a personalized demo, book you a free trial, and connect you with a sales specialist when you're ready to buy.

Security that works for you

You don't have to be an expert in security to protect your business. A simple unified security platform can keep you humming along.

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