Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers

Digitize your mobile edge with 5G and Wi-Fi 6

Catalyst IR1800 Rugged​​ Series Routers deliver high performance, enhanced security, and unprecedented flexibility to help you accelerate your digitization at the edge. Adapt new technologies with a modular design and help protect your networking investments. Power seamless experiences and drive efficiency with high bandwidth and throughputs from 5G and Wi-Fi 6.

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Features and benefits

Designed for in-vehicle connectivity

Reliable connectivity for first responder vehicles, passenger fleet and more. Features dead reckoning GPS, CAN bus support and shock and vibration resistant hardware. 

Modular design

Enjoy many module options, such as LTE, private LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and additional storage. The platform can adapt as your connectivity needs grow.

Robust security to protect critical data

Built in enterprise-grade security helps protect your network from attacks. With these powerful routers, you don't need separate hardware to deploy security.

Scale with choice of management

Scale and simplify operations. Equip IT and operations teams with powerful management tools such as IoT Operations Dashboard, Field Network Director, Cisco DNA Center, and Cisco vManage.

Take action right at the edge

Use the platform’s built-in edge compute ​and Cisco IOx support to build and run your own applications​ at the edge.

True flexibility with SD-WAN

Deploy a common set of policies, automate security setups, and optimize traffic from the enterprise to the edge with Cisco vManage for SD-WAN.

Choose the right Catalyst IR1800 model for your edge needs

2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards

Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers win M2M Product of the Year.


  • 1 cellular slot, 1 Wi-Fi slot
  • 4 GB memory
  • CAN bus


  • 2 cellular slots, 1 Wi-Fi slot
  • 4 GB memory
  • CAN bus


  • 2 cellular slots, 1 Wi-Fi slot
  • 4 GB memory
  • CAN bus, PoE/PoE+, ADR GNSS slot, SSD slot


  • 2 cellular slots, 1 Wi-Fi slot
  • 8 GB memory
  • CAN bus, PoE/PoE+, ADR GNSS slot, SSD slot
  • 4 digital I/O ports, advanced security features, 1 RS232/485 combo port

Use cases

Faster emergency response

Help improve public safety and security. Provide better response times with secure, reliable access to real-time data in police cars and first-responder vehicles.

Improve passenger experience

Leverage fast on-board Wi-Fi, location-based services, and automated ticketing for passengers. Use vehicle data for operational efficiencies and reducing maintenance costs.

Safer and efficient operations

Monitor pipelines to optimize production, and help prevent unplanned downtime. Enhance equipment monitoring to help prevent faults and reduce costs.

Connected roadways

Discover how Cisco IoT can connect your roadways and intersection infrastructure to improve safety and operations efficiency, and reduce traffic congestion.

What our customers say

The Cisco IR1800 Rugged Series Router is a modular unit, so instead of swapping out the entire router, we just swap out the module. Instead of taking 30 minutes each, it takes five minutes. It's a much more manageable process that is also 10 times less expensive.

Jason Yanni, Sr. Director of Product Management & Innovation, Central Ohio Transit Authority

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