Cisco Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Routers

Optimize your IoT deployments

The modularity and expansion capabilities of Cisco Catalyst IR1100 Rugged Series Routers (formerly Cisco 1100 Series Industrial Integrated Services Routers) can help extend product lifetime. Their compact, modular, ruggedized design is excellent for mission-critical cases. They offer stronger industrial router security and simplified management with SD-WAN architecture, edge compute, and IOS XE.


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Features and capabilities

Extend product lifetime with modular design

Internal and expansion modules give you the flexibility to add or upgrade WAN and storage components as technologies and needs evolve.

Software-defined WAN

Cisco SD-WAN architecture delivers scale, simplicity, and unified management for extending enterprise networks to a distributed IoT deployment.

Ruggedized, compact with low power consumption

With its small form-factor (less than 2RU) and low typical power consumption of 10 W, it is easy to install and integrate into space- and power-constrained cabinets.

Open extensible platform with IOS-XE at the edge

Cisco IOS XE is highly programmable with multilayer security built in. This unified software stack is ideal for process and workflow automation, enabling you to qualify and deploy new services more quickly.

A 5G-ready, dual WAN gigabit router

The two cellular modules enable concurrent connectivity to two cellular networks for WAN redundancy, enhanced data throughputs, load balancing, and differentiated services. The hardware is future-proofed for 5G.

Scale with choice of management

Scale and simplify operations. Equip IT and operations teams with powerful management tools such as IoT Operations Dashboard, Field Network Director, Cisco DNA Center, and Cisco vManage.

Connected roadways and intersections

Connected roadways and intersections help improve safety, increase operational efficiency, reduce traffic congestion, and minimize carbon footprint. Discover how Cisco IoT can connect your roadways infrastructure.

Secure, reliable connectivity for first responders and critical public infrastructure.

Cisco's FirstNet certified industrial routers are bringing greater situational awareness to public safety and improving the speed and efficiency of emergency response. Read blog >

Featured partner use case

Ventev’s Integrated UPS Power System with Cisco Catalyst IR1101 and IE3200 enables IoT applications and easily extends the enterprise in any location.

Use cases

Reduce outages with self-healing utility grids

Remotely manage thousands of miles of unmanned power grids between distribution substations and the control center. Improve power flow, Volt-VAR optimization, and fault detection and isolation for reduced outage durations and cost.

Improve public safety and regulate traffic

Increase reliability with redundant WAN connectivity. Accelerate decision making at the edge for mission-critical applications such as public safety, regulating traffic flow, and detecting traffic violations.

Safeguard oil and gas pipelines

Get real-time decisions at the edge for faster response. Utilize cellular redundancy to manage thousands of miles of remote oil and gas pipelines to quickly identify and fix problems, limit downtime, and reduce costs.

Secure financial transactions

Extend your branch network to remotely manage ATM machines. Utilize SD-WAN architecture for simple, scalable deployment. Secure financial transactions with high-end multilayer security, and redundant, high-speed connectivity. 

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We at Enedis closely collaborated with Cisco to innovate and develop the compact, low-power Cisco IR1101 Integrated Services Router Rugged that meets stringent environmental and safety standards used in the utilities industry. We operate and deploy our connected grid with thousands of Cisco routers via Field Network Director zero touch provisioning, with an agile, highly secure and future proof network using IPv6 to address our scalability constraints.

Didier Hinguant, Telecom Director, Enedis

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