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Target DeploymentsLine amplifier configurations, a 2-degree ROADM node, or anywhere that requires transponding and/or muxponding servicesMetro and edge locations for accommodating multiple ROADM degrees and/or service line cards, with the ability to scale using multishelf configurationsHigh degree-count ROADM nodes or network hubs with large quantities of transponder or muxponder line cards
Slots per Chassis2615
Rack Size2 RU6 RU14 RU
Max Capacity400 Gbps1.2 TbpsUp to 2.8 Tbps
Size (H x W x D)3.46 x 17.18 x 11.02 in.
(87.9 x 436.4 x 280 mm)
10.45 x 17.45 x 11.02 in.
(265.4 x 443.3 x 280 mm)
24.4 x 17.5 x 15.5 in.
(619.76 x 444.5 x 393.7 mm)
Weight15.40 pounds (6.82 kg) with the power module, fan-tray assembly and air filter installed and no cards40.12 pounds (18.2 kg) with all the ancillary units (2 DC power modules, ECU or ECU2, fan-tray assembly and air filter) installed and no cardsEmpty chassis: 69.225 pounds (31.4 kg)
PowerAC or DC
1 Power Module
AC or DC
2 (1 + 1 redundancy) Power Modules
AC or DC
4 (3 + 1 redundancy) Power Modules
Fan1 fan tray1 fan tray1 fan tray
Airflow19-inch brackets: right-to-left
21-inch brackets: right-to-left or right-front-in or left-front-out or left-up-out or left-back-out
23-inch brackets: right-front-in to left-back-out
* optional deflectors for front-to-back and front-to-front airflow
Multishelf ManagementNoYes, up to 50 shelvesYes, up to 10 shelves

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