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HyperFlex Customer Stories

See how customers are transforming their business with Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

Featured customer stories

Doubling VDI speed

Bellevue Group gets real-time market data to traders and portfolio managers on virtual desktops running on Cisco HyperFlex.

Optimizing SAP and Microsoft Apps

CorpFlex uses hyperconverged infrastructure to run mission-critical applications for its customers.

Powering retail ecommerce

Orvis increases IT efficiency by moving core apps including ecommerce, warehouse systems and SQL to HyperFlex. 

Scaling up operations

City Harvest used HyperFlex to rapidly scale their operations, including their virtual desktop environment.

Simplifying manufacturing

Mayfran International has completely transformed the work of its engineers with virtual desktops powered by HyperFlex.

Deploying IT faster

BLK hospitals reduced time to deployment of IT infrastructure while doubling performance with the help of Cisco HyperFlex.

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Request a HyperFlex Virtual Demo

Get a one-on-one virtual demo of Cisco HyperFlex from one of our HyperFlex experts.

Cisco HyperFlex Inspires CIOs to Rock

Cisco HyperFlex inspires a band of law firm CIOs and IT executives to write the song “Cisco HyperFlex is Here”.

HyperFlex Anywhere

Cisco HyperFlex 4.0. Extending the simplicity of hyperconvergence from core to edge and multicloud.

Company What's running on HyperFlex Company Country Industry Business Result
Akris Mission Critical Applications EMEAR Retail *Simplified and accelerated IT operations
*Reduced costs
*Shifted focus from technology to business
Bellevue Group CVDI/Virtual Desktops, Citrix, Microsoft EMEAR Financial Services

*Faster VDI/Virtual Desktop performance
*Simple implementation and deployment
*Consolidated, all-in-one computing and storage appliance

BluePearl Veterinary Partners Mission Critical Applications U.S. Veterinary *Delivers a seven-fold increase in practice management application response times for BluePearl clinicians and veterinary supportstaff
*Enhances overall customer and patient experiences at BluePearl by reducing administrative wait times throughout a visit
*Decreases performance-related calls to BluePearl’s IT service desk
*Allows BluePearl to scale application infrastructure resources efficiently and cost-effectively
Bryant University Virtual Desktops U.S. Education *Desktop costs dropped by 87%
Chuo University Virtual Desktops Japan Education *Performance has improved and racked space needed has been cut in half
*Gained the ability to deploy remote collaboration tools
Cisco IT: Cisco HyperFlex in Dynamic Infrastructure for Testing Labs TAC Support Workloads, Virtual Machines Global Technology *Improved customer experience. Cisco support engineers can spend more time focused on solving problems instead of configuring and maintaining a lab infrastructure.
*Simple lab creation. Reduced lab complexity and an automated configuration process mean fast and easy reconfiguration of the lab infrastructure for different customer environments and testing needs.
*Easy access. Lab infrastructure can be leveraged by automated processes and is globally accessible, extendable, and easy to use.
*Realistic training. TAC lab infrastructure can be used to deliver training and a working test environment for Cisco and partner support engineers.
*Insights for product development. TAC teams can give helpful input to the development teams about product testing.
City Harvest Virtual Desktops U.S. Nonprofit *Saves 75% on user endpoints, freeing up budget for strategic IT projects.
*Saved $100,000 by eliminating an entire data center rack.
CorpFlex SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Business Critical Applications Americas Managed IT Service Provider

*Allowed customers to increase their availability
*Helped customers lower the latency of their critical systems including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and SAP and Microsoft applications
*Reduced storage footprint and total cost of ownership 

Dhanuka Agritech Mission Critical Applications India Manufacturing *Boosted performance of mission-critical applications up to 30%
Digby Brown Solicitors Mission Critical Applications Scotland Other *Up to a 90% reduction in operational expenditure
*Delivered savings of up to 80% by removing the need for complex SAN technology
Energia Communications Virtual Desktops,
Virtual Servers
Japan Service Provider *Significantly reduces man-hours for deployment and configuration
*Faster speeds, better performance and more effective deduplication and compression
Ergon Energy Virtual Servers,
Mission Critical Applications
Australia Energy/Oil/gas *Server performance was 25 times better than with traditional computing platforms
Erzdiözese Salzburg VDI/Virtual Desktops,
EMEAR Other (Religious Organization) *Increased systems availability and reliability
*Accelerated virtual desktop performance by 3X
*Simplified IT operations
EXMAR Mission Critical Applications EMEAR Energy *Modernized data centers at a lower cost than cloud and other hyperconverged options
*Decreased application latency from 200 to five milliseconds
*Sped up server deployments from days to minutes
ForePaaS Test and Development,
Big-Data Analytics Software
France Service Provider *51% lower cost over 3 years compared with public cloud
*51% lower monthly cost for compute than public cloud
*68% lower bandwidth costs
*38% less staff time managing virtualization environment.
Gree Inc Mission Critical Applications,
Japan Internet Media *Doubled speed of responses in internal systems
*Improved efficiency and speed of backup work
Internet Thailand Public Company Limited (INET) Cisco IoT, Collaboration, Tetration; AI/ML, OpenStack APJC Cloud Services Provider *Simplified IT operations for better cost efficiency and scaling
*Created new platform and software service offerings
*Reached new markets and customers
KPIT Technologies Virtual Desktops,
Virtual Servers
India IT/Engineering Services *Overcame performance overhead of SDS and virtual fabric
*Able to support more workloads by capitalizing on the performance advantages of the UCS fabric architecture
Leader Mission Critical Applications,
Brazil Retail *60% increase in performance
*Realized a return on investment within 5 months
Liberty London Virtual Desktops United Kingdom Retail *From 30 minutes to 30 seconds to log in to virtual desktops
*Saved Liberty's VDI environment (they were considering bringing the physical desktops back because of the bad performance)
Licking Area Computer Association (LACA) Microsoft SQL Server Database,
Mission critical Applications,
Education Specific Software
U.S. Education *Reduced upgrade times from several days to a few hours
*40% quicker response time in SQL inquiries
*Reduced infrastructure footprint from a full rack down to 4 HyperFlex nodes
Linxdatacenter Mission Critical Applications EMEAR Cloud Service Provider *Modernized data centers at a lower cost than cloud and other hyperconverged options
*Decreased application latency from 200 to five milliseconds
*Sped up server deployments from days to minutes
Macquarie Cloud Services Mission Critical Applications,
Australia Service Provider *Time to stand up physical servers dropped from days to hours
*Provides the ability to grow and offer customers more use-cases
*Allows MCS to pass savings on to their customers
Malicis Consulting Virtual Desktops Canada IT Services *Reduced hardware costs, licensing, and service delivery
*Increased resource flexibility and infrastructure scalability
*Opened sales pipeline to onboard new customers
Mayfran International Virtual Desktops U.S. Manufacturing *Reduced time to open designs by 80% allowing the design engineers to more quickly show customers what they are buying from Mayfran
*Enabled Mayfran to go from 2D models to showing their customers 3D models
Memorial Care Health Systems Epic Hyperspace U.S. Healthcare *Provided the business with flexibility and ease of use
MigCredit Mission Critical Applications,
Virtual Machines
EMEAR Finance *Sped up business decision-making by 40 percent
*Increased business revenue
*Streamlined IT operations
Missing Piece Mission Critical Applications,
SQL Server on NVMe
EMEAR Managed Service Provider *Increased desktop and application performance up to 90 percent
*Simplified and accelerated installs and upgrades
*Integrated network, endpoint, and email security
Mounties Group Mission Critical Applications,
Data Backup
Australia Other *More network capacity, faster processing capabilities, improved performance and reliability
*20% efficiency gain
*More power and flexibility to deliver integrated customer centric services across venues
Müller Transport VDI, Databases, ERP Austria Other *Faster Citrix VDI performance allowing employees to work from home when needed
*Reduced management time
*Lower maintenance costs
NYU Shanghai Virtual Desktops, Databases China Education *Lowered latency and improved efficiency
*Reduced software licensing costs by 80%
*Zero downtime has removed interruptions of scientific research
Orvis Mission Critical Applications,
U.S. Retail *66% more efficiently with the same amount of CPUs and memory
*Added 100% more VDI seats
*Positioning IT as a true enabler of the business
Pacific Electric Wire & Cable (PEWC) SAP S/4HANA, Mission Critical Applications APJC Manufacturing *Reduced IT footprint, electricity expenses, and maintenance costs
*Accelerated business analytics and reporting
*Established the IT foundation for factory modernization and cloud alignment
Port of Shanghai Mission Critical Applications,
China Other *Doubled compute and storage infrastructure performance
*Allowed the port to run a port intelligence system to become fully automated, savings hours of cargo unloading/loading time and decreasing port emissions by 10%
RAJA SA Mission Critical Applications,
Microsoft SQL Server
EMEAR Public Utilities *Improved IT infrastructure performance and reduced latency
*Innovated billing and payment processes as a result of improved CPU performance
*Eliminated inefficiencies with zero downtime and load balancing between two backup sites
Ready Pac Foods Mission Critical Applications,
Business intelligence software
U.S. Food production *$30,000 less in support costs
*$50,000 savings in power and cooling
*Increased sales.
Red Enlace Mission Critical Applications,
Bolivia Financial Services *Enables 200,000 transactions per day with PCI compliance
*Batch process time cut in half
*Provides scale to support growth to handle 4-times more transactions
Siemens Rail Automation Mission Critical Applications United Kingdom Manufacturing *Faster performance
*Increased capacity to handle future growth
Sky Lakes Medical Center Cisco Unified Communications, Mission Critical Applications, All Clinical Systems and Workloads Americas Healthcare *Streamlined management of nearly all workloads on a single tool
*Secured data storage with physical encryption
*Reduced power consumption by 70 percent
*Established fully redundant data center for complete failover, backup, and recovery
TH Köln MSSQL, Exchange, Active Directory, IT Applications EMEAR Education *Higher performance and scalability for IT
*System is faster for users
Vietnam International Bank (VIB) Mission Critical Applications APJC Finance *Real-time monitoring and management from a single dashboard
*Faster fulfillment of customer transactions
*Faster and more simplified app deployment
*Software-defined network implemented across two data centers
*One Hyperconverged multi-cloud platform unifying storage, computing, security, networking
*Reduced time for backups and disaster recovery

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