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Customer Experience Starts and Ends with Wi-Fi Solution Overview

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Updated:February 26, 2020

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Updated:February 26, 2020


Make guests feel connected and at home

Your guests travel near or far to get to your venue. Make them feel at home as soon as they arrive by keeping them connected to their work, their family, and their world. Give them an easy onboarding experience and keep them connected no matter where they are in your venue.

The Cisco® Catalyst® Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC) will help with Wi-Fi setup and management by providing Cisco enterprise-class wireless controller capabilities built in to our latest Catalyst 9100 Access Points.

Up and running in minutes. Always on.

If you know how to set up your home Wi-Fi, you can set up an EWC-powered network for your business. You don’t even need a PC or laptop; simply download our mobile app to your phone and follow the simple steps. From there, you can get your network up and running in minutes. With industry best practices set by default, you gain peace of mind, knowing your Wi-Fi network is set correctly and securely.

The EWC solution employs the concept of active and standby access points to achieve resiliency and minimize network downtime, no matter whether it’s planned maintenance or an unplanned hardware failure. Also, with seamless software updates, you can get software fixes and feature enhancements right away, without a reboot or any interruption to your network.

     Ideal for hotels and venues with small or midsize networks

     Simple and easy to configure using a three-step, over-the-air wizard

     Mobile app for simple deployment

     Delivers Wi-Fi 6 for high density and faster speed

     Enterprise-class capabilities without the enterprise cost

     Cisco DNA Spaces can be added to boost customer engagement and give you presence-based analytics

Use the Cisco wireless app, available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. From your mobile device, you can easily view your network health, down to device and application level on the dashboard. You can control and make changes to your network on the go.

Serve customers in new ways

Cisco EWC enables you to provide your customers and staff with a much richer experience. Customers can freely roam in and out of the facility without connection interruptions. When they are inside the property, they will feel like a VIP with special services targeted for them based on their location and online behaviors personal profiles, including:

     Loyalty sign-up, co-branded marketing engagements and elite member differentiation

     Differentiated guest experiences based on brand and guest behavior types

     New monetization avenues for hotel owners from food and beverage, convention centers, and more

     Extended capabilities with partners and integration with enterprise systems

Smart hotel with the help of IoT and Wi-Fi 6

Not only will more customer devices appear on your network, but so will many more hotel smart devices, like televisions, coffee makers, and door locks. With Cisco Catalyst Access Points that are equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and multi-protocol (BLE, Thread) support, not only can you handle a high number of devices, but you can also keep those IoT devices identified, segmented, and tracked. Just like smart buildings and smart schools, you can build a world-class smart hotel where you can use intelligence gained by correlating device data, user network usage, location, and property assets to provide supreme customer experience and world-class services.

Next steps

To learn more about the Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller, Cisco Catalyst Access Points, and 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6, visit: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/wireless/embedded-wireless-controller-on-catalyst-access-points/index.html.

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