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Updated:February 8, 2022

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Updated:February 8, 2022


Top Questions

What is Webex Cloud-Connected UC?

Webex® Cloud-Connected UC is a suite of cloud services designed for applications based on Cisco’s on-premises and cloud Unified Communications Manager (UCM) products: UCM, UCM Cloud, and Cloud-Connected UC centralizes important administrative operations functions for these systems in the cloud using Webex Control Hub. These operations include analytics, troubleshooting, web Real Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT), certificate management and web app auto-provisioning.

Which customers does Cloud-Connected UC serve best?

Webex Cloud-Connected UC is designed for customers with on-premises UCM deployments that would like to move some of their administration workloads to the Webex cloud, while keeping their calling workload on the premises. It is useful for providing multi-cluster visibility to the customer, as well as lifecycle partners in managing their deployments, whether it is on-premises UCM, UCM Cloud.

Is Cloud-Connected UC supported for hosted deployments (HCS)?

No. Cloud-Connected UC currently only supports UCM on-premises and UCM Cloud deployments. The product is designed for onboarding to individual customer ORGs in Control Hub. To fully support a hosted setup requires additional product development work.

General Questions

Which applications are supported?

Cisco UCM, Cisco IM and Presence, Cisco Unity and Emergency responder are supported for onboarding. Feature availability varies per product.

What Cisco UCM software versions are compatible with Cloud-Connected UC?

Cloud-Connected UC requires a minimum UCM version of 11.5.

How does Cloud-Connected UC keep customer data secure?

Data security is of utmost importance to Cisco. With Webex Cloud-Connected UC, we have followed all Cisco security guidelines, as defined in the Cisco Business Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy, while also ensuring security in the following areas:

     Secure handling of data at rest and data in transit

     Full transparency of what data customers are sharing with Cisco, at all times

     We use same underlying Webex Common Identity

Management System to authenticate and authorize all transactions.

What is the availability rollout schedule for different regions?

Webex Cloud-Connected UC is available globally, except in US federally embargoed countries and China.

Does my business need to have a Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Agreement?

Yes. Customers with a Control Hub ORG, obtained through any paid cloud service or trial, can simply enable CCUC within Control Hub. See the BDM presentation for more details. Cloud-Connected UC is offered to Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan customers as part of an Enterprise Agreement (FLEX EA) or Named User Agreement (FLEX NU) at no charge, for on-premises UCM customers. Cloud-Connected UC is now added, automatically, to new UCM Cloud orders. On-premises customers can add Cloud-Connected UC as part of their Flex 2.0 agreement. With Flex 3.0, Cloud-Connected UC is offered as a standalone subscription, which does not require any other service. This allows any UCM customers, still using perpetual licenses, to start using Cloud-Connected UC now.

What do customers have to do to begin using Webex Cloud-Connected UC?

Customers should log in to their Control Hub, and start onboarding process via COP file or CLI, depending on the cluster version, authorize onboarding of their application nodes and enable the wanted features and workflows. The solution requires opening a connection from the inside out (from the organization toward the Webex cloud) on port 443 and whitelisting two service-specific URLs.

Additional information

To experience what’s coming from the Webex Cloud-Connected UC suite of beta features visit and enroll in:

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