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Cisco Webex Contact Center: Transform Your Customer Experiences Data Sheet

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Updated:September 23, 2019

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Updated:September 23, 2019


Product overview

The Cisco Webex® Contact Center is a unified omnichannel contact center solution deployed and managed from the cloud that can transform your customers’ experience and improve your business results.

You can start simply with just one channel, then add additional channels, or new feautures such as predictive analytics routing, Cisco® Unified Workforce Optimization (WFO), outbound campaigns, web callbacks, customer engagement analytics, or a speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as your business grows and your contact center needs mature. Webex Contact Center is designed to scale with your contact center and business needs.

The open platform and flexible cloud architecture of Webex Contact Center enables you to fully leverage business application technology investments, and seamlessly connect them to the contact center. Pre-built connectors for the most commonly used business applications embed the Webex Contact Center experience within the business application for easy, real-time access to key customer information, all in one place.

Webex Contact Center is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that creates a single, global queue in the cloud to route omnichannel customer interactions to one or more teams, sites, or outsourcing partners. Webex Contact Center optimizes performance by dynamically determining how best to route each interaction based on predictive analytics. With Webex Contact Center, customers can:

     Maximize business outcomes by improving sales conversions, revenues, retentions, customer satisfaction scores, and first call resolutions

     Reduce call abandon rates with a global queue that routes based on real-time data about call volumes, resource availability, and other variables

     Improve performance visibility across sites by centrally monitoring the business and operational performance of agents, teams, sites, systems, and outsourcers in real time

     Provide a consistently personalized customer experience globally by centrally queuing voice, email, and chat so that the same routing rules are applied across the entire contact center

     Reduce administrative overhead by managing all contact center operations, resources, and interactions from a central command center in the cloud

Whether you’re a new business creating your first contact center, a medium-size business looking to improve contact center operations, or a large enterprise needing visibility and control over multiple contact center sites, Cisco Webex Contact Center has a solution that can fit your needs.

Webex Contact Center features

Cisco’s Webex Contact Center solution includes:

     Omnichannel customer interactions that provide voice, web, email, and chat communications in a unified environment. These interactions deliver a seamless customer experience to agents, managers, and administrators.

     Predictive routing that uses big data analytics to predict a customer’s needs and find the agent with the best performance record to meet that need. After the need is identified, the call is routed to the agent that can best deliver the desired business results.

     IVR with touch-tone (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency [DTMF]), speech recognition, and text-to-speech capabilities to quickly deploy simple IVR menus for intelligent call routing, backend integrations to provide data-rich interactions, and sophisticated self-service options. The IVR comes with a web-based, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop call flow builder that makes it easy for business users to configure and/or maintain IVR call flows.

     Cisco Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite that offers a smarter, simpler, integrated way to optimize the performance of contact centers, people, and technology. This solution empowers contact centers of all sizes to optimize agent performance. Data analysis capabilities provide direct insight into customer needs. The WFO suite perfectly complements Webex Contact Center Analyzer’s ability to pull in data from various sources. Targeted data analysis results in identifying strategic actions to enhance each customer’s experience. This integrated solution includes:

    Quality management

    Workforce management

    Speech, text, and desktop analytics

     Outbound campaigns that provide:

    Outbound campaign management

    Contact list management

    Advanced contact strategies across multiple contact numbers

    Automation with preview and progressive dialing

    Compliance tools

     Expert collaboration and communications to deliver unified communications for real-time collaboration between agents, managers, and back-office subject matter experts using Cisco UC-One to speed first contact resolution.

     An embedded business application that provides the option for customer agents to manage all contact center interactions within Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and ServiceNow, using a unified UX for agents and unified reporting for supervisors and managers.

     A 360-customer journey, which performs analysis of all cross-channel customer interactions to understand the customer experience and improve customer service.

     A native cloud-designed and built architecture that delivers security, agility, flexibility, and scalability to the contact center. The architecture improves operational and capital efficiencies. It can also lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and provide predictable monthly costs.

     Scalability, supporting up to 3000 agents per tenant with unlimited tenants.

     Intelligent call routing that distributes calls across multiple contact centers, branch offices, and remote agents working from their homes. Incoming calls are automatically routed to the best available agent for more efficient resource utilization and faster, more accurate call handling. Customers can create routing strategies to leverage skill assignments at the team or agent level. Modifications to routing strategies take effect immediately and are applied to current calls in queue. Webex Contact Center accurately matches agent availability and skill sets with customer priority, value, and needs. Agents are more productive and customers are better served.

     Centralized global queue, which provides a centralized queue for all media types that intelligently distributes calls across multiple sites based on real-time conditions. With Cisco, calls are queued in the network, not on premises-based equipment. This approach provides substantial savings in telecom hardware, toll charges, and bandwidth. The ability to centrally manage contact center resources on a global level provides the following benefits:

    Eliminates variances in queue times among sites

    Lowers administration expenses

    Ensures consistent, high-quality customer care

     Comprehensive visibility and control, which is available through a management dashboard. A web-based dashboard provides a centralized point to manage and monitor calls and multimedia contacts across virtual contact center operations. Supervisors have a real-time view of call volumes and agent activity across all sites, networks, and technologies. Webex Contact Center tracks every activity and call from beginning to end. Cumulative call details provide visibility into the complete lifecycle of every call, from the time it arrives until it terminates. Call center managers have the tools and information to measure and manage distributed contact center operations in real time.

     Built-in disaster recovery, which enables businesses to seamlessly redirect call center traffic during unexpected emergencies such as natural disasters, transport facility outages, or other power disruptions. Cisco provides quick recovery from major disasters or minor interruptions in customer service. A phone, computer, and Internet connectivity are all that agents need to be productive anywhere. Webex Contact Center can ensure business continuity without the need for significant upfront capital investment.

Webex Contact Center proven benefits

Whatever the purpose of your contact, Cisco Webex Contact Center has capabilities that can optimize operations for the business metrics that matter to you. Examples include:

     Sales. Know your best-performing agents based on performance data, and optimize operations.

     First-call resolutions. Give agents on-demand collaboration with subject matter experts anywhere.

     Customer satisfaction. Predict customer needs and connect them to the best available agent.

     Customer retention. Predict customers who are at risk and connect them with the best retention agents.

     Operational efficiency. Balance call loads across sites, teams, and agents, regardless of location.

     Marketing effectiveness. Leverage rich analytics to know what is working and what is not.

     Agent productivity. Arm agents with tools, resources, and customer histories.

     Lower costs. Move your contact center infrastructure to the cloud to reduce TCO.

Supported internet browsers

     Google Chrome v76.0.3809 and newer.

     Mozilla Firefox ESR 68 and newer.

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