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Updated:March 21, 2019

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Updated:March 21, 2019


Take the risk out of your event with lifecycle production assists. Scale your webcast up to 100,000+ participants. Get help from experts to run engaging events smoothly and successfully.



Expand the reach of your message to tens of thousands of participants with a professionally produced webcast.

     Deliver perfectly synchronized real-time video, audio, and content to any size audience

     Provide content that can live on-demand long after the live event has ended

     Deploy as a standalone webcast or as an integrated component to a larger virtual event

     Cost-effectively conduct all-hands company meetings, brief analysts, or launch new products

Webex® Webcasting service description: All packages include a Lifecycle Assist

Cisco Webex Webcasting L-WBX-WCAST-VIDPKG

Pre-event project management

Webex Teams Space: Coordinate with your producer in real time via Cisco Webex Teams for event planning and preparation

Kickoff meeting: Initial meeting with project manager to discuss event requirements

Planning meetings: Your project manager will meet with you and your webcast team to develop your webcast

Presentation training: Familiarize your speakers with the presenter interface and the most effective tools to communicate their message and engage with the audience

Technical rehearsal (1 hour): Validate connectivity, bandwidth, and equipment at your venue prior to the live event day with a stream’s-up technical rehearsal and end-to-end testing

In-event support

Pre-conference: Connect with your project manager and technical team prior to the webcast going live for the audience for final technical checks, signal acquisition, required updates, and questions

1 hour included

Live event (90 minutes of live event time and 1000 attendees included in 1-hour event): Your project manager will be online with you throughout your webcast to help ensure an optimal experience for presenters and attendees


Post-event support


Recording, reporting, and debrief


Key technical features and specifications


Video source (encoder, VCU, telepresence)



Large audience requirements: additional attendees up to 100,000 can be added



Multiple presenters in remote locations on video and Audio




1 hour additional time OR 500 additional attendees



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For more information, visit https://www.cisco.com/go/webcasting.

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