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Cisco Intelligent Proximity

Experience better collaboration across your Cisco devices

Deliver richer collaboration experiences with better integration across mobile devices. Cisco Intelligent Proximity is a suite of features that activates when users bring mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) close to select Cisco voice and video collaboration endpoints.

Features and benefits

Great sound and easy call management

Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice lets Apple iOS and Android device users connect to Cisco IP Phones 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865 and Cisco Webex Rooms devices via Bluetooth*. Easily import contacts and call history. Move audio to Cisco endpoints for superior sound.

View shared content on mobile devices

Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing automatically pairs mobile devices with Webex Rooms when they come within range. You can save snapshots of shared content.

Wireless sharing from laptops

Using laptops paired with the Rooms devices, users can wirelessly share content on the device, allowing them to present both locally and to remote participants.

Cisco room video endpoints supported

Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing is supported on the Webex Room Series, including the Webex Room Kits, the Desk Series, and the Board Series. It is also supported by the older MX, SX and the IX Series.

How to deploy Cisco Proximity

The Cisco Proximity app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. Windows and Mac OS versions are available for download at Cisco.com.

Optimal user experience

Cisco Touch 10 control unit is recommended with Cisco video endpoints for the best user experience.

Additional support

See more information about Cisco Proximity and participate in the discussion on the Cisco Proximity support forum.