Cisco Intelligent Proximity

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View shared content on your mobile devices with Intelligent Proximity. (1:08 min)

Collaborate Easily on All Your Mobile Devices

Engage in richer collaboration experiences with better integration across your mobile devices. Cisco Intelligent Proximity is a suite of features that activates when you bring your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) close to select Cisco voice and video collaboration endpoints.

Cisco Intelligent Proximity exists in two forms:

  • Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice is available on select models of IP Phone 8800 Series endpoints and on the Cisco DX Series.*
  • Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing is supported on the Cisco TelePresence MX (excluding MX200 and MX300 G1), SX, and IX Series.

Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice

With Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice, users of Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets can wirelessly connect to Cisco IP Phones 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865 and Cisco DX650, DX70, and DX80 endpoints through Bluetooth.* You can easily import contacts and call history and quickly access them on these 8800 Series and DX Series endpoints, simplifying the call management process.

You can also move the audio path from a call in progress on a mobile device, to the specified Cisco endpoints to enjoy the superior audio quality of your devices.

Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing

Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing** (Cisco Proximity) allows you to automatically pair your device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) with Cisco room-based video collaboration endpoints when they come within range. Endpoints supported include Cisco TelePresence MX200 G2, MX300 G2, MX700, MX800 Single and Dual, SX80, SX20 Quick Set, and SX10 Quick Set. The Cisco TelePresence IX5000 immersive system running IX8.1 software also supports Cisco Proximity.

Once mobile phones and tablets are paired, two functions are available. First, you can control the video system remotely from your device. Second, you can view content being shared on the video endpoints on your mobile device. You can also save snapshots of shared content.

Once laptops (Mac and Windows operating systems) are paired with the video system, users can share content from their laptop screen wirelessly with the room system (except IX Series). This is useful both for local meetings, where content is presented only to people in the same room, and during video calls, when you can present both locally and to remote participants.

Cisco TelePresence Touch 10 is recommended for optimal user experience. Touch 10 ships with the MX Series, IX Series and SX80, and is an option for SX10 and SX20.

The Cisco Proximity app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. Windows and Mac OS versions are available for download at

See more information about Cisco Proximity and participate in the discussion on the Cisco Proximity support forum. Also see the MX Series and SX Series administrator guide for setup instructions and basic support.

* Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice on the DX Series requires Android-based software 10.2.2 or later

** Requires Collaboration Endpoint Software 8.0 or later