Software and Cloud Services Terms

The terms below cover your access and use of Cisco’s Software and Cloud Services.

The terms

The End User License Agreement together with any applicable Product Specific Terms govern your usage rights in Software and Cloud Services.

End User License Agreement

Effective: July 11, 2022

Core terms for all Software and Cloud Services.

Product Specific Terms

Additional terms (if any) for specific Software and Cloud Services. 


The End User License Agreement is available in the following languages:

Chinese (Simplified)   |   Chinese (Traditional)   |   French (Canada)   |   German   |   Italian   |   Japanese   |   Korean   |   Portuguese   |   Russian   |   Spanish

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Trust Center

How Cisco uses and secures data including our processing of personal data under the Customer Master Data Protection Agreement.

Enterprise Agreement

Learn about Cisco's enterprise-wide Software and Cloud Services buying program.

Software transfer

Cisco's policy for transferring usage rights in Software and Cloud Services to another individual or entity.

Software portability

Cisco's policy for moving Software between your devices.

Open source

Information about open source software used in Cisco products.  

End of life

Cisco's end of life policy for hardware, software and services, including subscriptions.