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Networking Academy

24 years of real impact and lives changed

The world’s largest and longest-running CSR education program that’s empowering all people with career possibilities.

Workforce development: bridging skills to technology jobs

Cisco Networking Academy is a global IT and cybersecurity education program that provides best-in-class courses, tools, and resources to help people from all backgrounds participate in the digital economy.

We lead with our strength in technology and we innovate with our instructors and education partners, who share our commitment to powering an inclusive future for all. A powerful skills-to-jobs program, Networking Academy helps students develop in-demand industry skills and connects them with peers, mentors, and real jobs.

Let's share our impact

Networking Academy Impact around the world


students worldwide since 1997

Source: Networking Academy FY21 tier 1 public metrics


of current students are female

Source: Networking Academy FY21 tier 1 public metrics


of students say the program helped them obtain a job or educational opportunity

Source: Surveys of students taking certification-ready courses or higher

Opportunity is the most valuable commodity on Earth

Maria Gaffney

Washington, D.C., United States

“My advice to women and girls pursuing a career in technology is keep believing in yourself and your dreams, technology is for everyone who is interested—so stay curious, focused, and determined.”

Ernest Wambari

Rome, Italy

“These skills are needed now more than ever, so go forth with confidence. Sometimes it seems a bit like unknown territory, but follow your gut and listen and focus on getting the goal. And once you do, you will benefit from it significantly.”

Cisco Networking Academy instructor changing lives

Cisco Networking Academy instructor, Olivia Braga, is on a mission to empower her students with career possibilities, changing their lives and society in the process.

Find your opportunity


Learn the skills you need to start–or advance–an exciting career.


Equip your business with highly trained and highly motivated talent.


Share your knowledge and help us change the lives of your students.


Build a workforce that’s ready to thrive in the digital economy.

Learn about the technologies shaping the future


See how the power of an intelligent network gives organizations an edge in the cybersecurity arms race.


Learn how intent-based networking is making the IT industry simpler, smarter, and more innovative.


See how Cisco is enabling flexible workspaces and setting the standard for the modern meeting.


Discover how Cisco is turning a connected world into a better place to work, live, play, and learn.