Incident Response

Connecting communities in crisis

As the world faces more natural disasters and humanitarian crises, Cisco uses advanced technologies and its expertise to meet critical communications needs.

Contact information

Emergency use

Response agencies can request an emergency activation during a catastrophic incident by emailing

Non-emergency inquiries

For general non-emergency inquiries, please email

When crises occur, we can respond quickly

In 2003, Cisco established the Tactical Operations (TacOps) team to provide connectivity for those affected by crisis. In 2020, TacOps merged with the Cisco Critical Human Needs investment portfolio to optimize its social impact—becoming Cisco Crisis Response.

Emergency communications

We deploy emergency networking and communications equipment as well as personnel to install emergency networking gear.

Help creating solutions

We know what technologies can accomplish the most in an emergency and provide connectivity needs assessments and recommendations.

Technology support

Even if we can’t be there in person, we have remote capabilities and can provide virtual technology support.

Grants and matching gifts

We provide disaster grants to strategic nonprofit partners and run matching gift campaigns so that employees can support relief efforts.

Who and what we support

Public safety

Help for first responders and humanitarian organizations as they respond to emergencies.

Continuity of government

Technology that helps governments continue to respond to a crisis.

Critical infrastructure

Help for hospitals, utilities, and other essential services that communities depend on.

Using the network to transform humanitarian aid

Cisco and Mercy Corps entered a five-year partnership in 2017. The goal? To take advantage of networking technology to transform how humanitarian aid is conceived, delivered, evaluated, and sustained.

What’s inside Cisco Crisis Response

Our team

Our team includes technical engineers, operations and logistics coordinators, grant portfolio managers, and over 600 Cisco employees who volunteer their time and expertise. 

Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV)

The Cisco Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV) is a ruggedized, resilient, and automated vehicle-based mobile command and communications resource that can provide mission-critical networking to recover after catastrophes.

Emergency Communications Unit

This trailer contains rapidly deployable and highly secure network, radio, and collaboration technologies. It is designed to fit into a C-17 cargo aircraft. 

Emergency Communication Kit

The Cisco Emergency Communication Kit is designed to quickly, securely, and reliably establish voice and data communications in remote environments. (Only available in the United States.)

Rapid Response Kit

This kit is designed for emergency responders, assessment teams, and others who require a highly portable, lightweight, power-efficient, and secure network. 

Mesh Response Kit

The Mesh Response Kit (MRK) is a mesh solution providing a wireless network for first responders, emergency managers, critical infrastructure, and similar agencies.

Phone Kit

The Phone Kit is a cloud-based telephony solution designed to provide additional IP phones to quickly expand voice services beyond the initial capacity of our other portable emergency communications platforms. (Only available in the United States.)