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Connecting Eager Young Minds to Success in Math

See how Cisco helps MIND Research Institute make math education come alive for over 1.34 million students every year with ST Math®.

Nationwide impact









Play to learn math, learn to love math

MIND Research Institute believes every student has the potential to deeply understand and love math. The organization is committed to transforming education and closing the experience gap for all learners to raise the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The nonprofit's flagship program, ST Math, is a PreK-8 visual instructional program that leverages spatial-temporal reasoning to solve mathematical problems. ST Math’s unique  approach provides students with equitable access to learning through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving, and informative feedback.

This research-driven, game-based approach is designed to engage all children equally—regardless of socioeconomic, linguistic, or cultural backgrounds. 70 percent of students using ST Math are traditionally underserved, and two-thirds of MIND’s partner schools serve low-income students. The program works with the brain instead of against it, feeding young minds instead of frustrating them.

This school year doesn’t look like anything we have seen before. We know that educators are continuing to focus on what is best for students—wherever they are. By design, time on ST Math is time spent learning. Because ST Math is self-paced, students persist to mastery and develop deep conceptual understanding of math concepts while distance learning, in the classroom, or at home.

Brett Woudenberg, CEO, MIND Research Institute

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

On March 14, 2020, in light of nationwide COVID-19 school closures, MIND decided to provide free access to ST Math—not only for schools but also for the parents suddenly homeschooling their children for the unforeseeable future. For schools, access to ST Math remained free through June 30, 2020. 

During that time, MIND provided access to 5,725 additional schools, more than 32,000 homes, and more than1.8 million students. For Homeschool families, free access has been extended through June 30, 2021. 

Dramatic gains in proficiency

Schools consistently using ST Math outgrew similar schools in statewide rank by 14 percentile points.

Twenty years of innovation

MIND Research Institute has been pursuing innovation in instruction for two decades, developing ways to transform rote learning into real engagement.

Meet our community partners

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation partner with innovative nonprofits to deliver transformative, tech-driven solutions for economic empowerment, education, and crisis response, which includes shelter, water, food, and disaster relief.