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Enabling teachers facilitates personalized success for students

Learn how Cisco and Gooru partner with teachers and school leaders to personalize math education for students to realize their full potential.

Navigator for Math yields measurable gains


learners using Navigator


schools using Navigator


collaborators using Navigator


learning gains by students using Gooru Navigator at Leadership Public Schools (LPS)

What if students had a GPS for learning?

Every child deserves an education that gives them the chance to excel. Schools ask every student to achieve the same minimum levels of proficiency, but over 50% of the global population in school is not currently meeting them.

Why? Each student starts with a different set of knowledge, skills, and mindsets. Teachers struggle to find appropriate learning activities to fill individual students’ proficiency gaps in large classrooms settings.

Through its Navigator for Math app, Gooru provides a way for every teacher to measure and update in real-time their students’ progress, and every student to follow their own path to mastery, no matter the class size or diversity.

The Navigate Math application enables students to accelerate learning math at their own pace with personalized, curated material that meets them where they are and helps them get to where they need to be. See how it works for students and teachers.

Learning Navigator's ability to track the learner's current knowledge and skills in real-time, and suggest activities from millions of curated open resources, ensures that students reach their learning goal every time.

Prasad Ram, Founder and CEO, Gooru

Learning goals provide a roadmap to changed lives

Underperforming students lack the support to fill gaps in their learning, resulting in growing disinterest and disengagement.

Since 2012, Cisco has worked with Gooru to pilot and enhance the Learning Navigator, which now offers over 4 million curated educational resources to personalize learning pathways for students, reaching 2.6M users annually.   

Cisco’s support has helped Gooru integrate its “Navigator for Math” program in Bay Area schools, resulting in gains of an average 2.8 math grade levels per year over three years.

Gooru honors the human right to education by providing technology that educators and governments trust. They strive to build communities where teachers belong. And they are focused on a cause that enrolls all players with effective practices and content that improves learning outcomes for all.


7M+ users annually

Gooru has reached 600K teachers and 7M users in 110 school districts across 140 countries; driving a collective impact that is changing lives.

Personalized learning for all

Gooru aims for global impact and seeks to bring positive learning outcomes with a goal of reaching over 35M learners by 2025.

Meet our community partners

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation partner with innovative nonprofits to deliver transformative, tech-driven solutions for economic empowerment, education, critical human needs, and disaster relief.