CSR Partner: Feeding America

Who is going hungry in your community?

Over 40 million Americans struggle with hunger. Yet 72 billion pounds of safe, edible food are wasted each year. Feeding America collects food that would otherwise go to waste and distributes it to its network of 200 food banks nationwide. The organization is committed to a future where every household has food security.

Every family should have a stable food source

One emergency can make hunger part of a family’s everyday reality. Feeding America is leading the effort to end hunger in America by securing and distributing large donations of food in all 50 states.

  • Feeding America collects donated surplus food from farmers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and food service companies, “rescuing” this food for people who desperately need it
  • The food is delivered to over 200 food banks around the country
  • This distribution effort also includes a food safety commitment to ensure that recipients get a wide variety of healthy and safe foods
  • Feeding America promotes healthy food choices and empowers people to make good nutritional choices
  • This distribution effort also includes a commitment to providing a variety of nutritious and safe foods

Digitization helps feed more families

Cisco has worked with Feeding America since 2009 on several major technology initiatives. These projects facilitate more effective coordination with partners, help more families, and streamline operating costs.

  • A new online system streamlined food ordering and distribution for a projected savings of US$1.5 million over five years—the equivalent of 12 million meals
  • A common technology platform for enterprise and constituent relationship management enabled member food banks to reduce costs for business functions like transportation, purchasing, marketing, and IT
  • An online marketplace addresses food waste by connecting food donors and local food agencies
  • The UPC Bar Codes Initiative is a data collection and analysis project that will improve food safety and nutrition; it will also provide important information for business and logistical planning

More savings equals more meals

US$353,000 saved in first year of using online food distribution system

2.8 million meals provided with savings from online food distribution system

4 billion meals provided annually by Feeding America network

What I love about the power of combining people with a technology solution is you can drive exponential results and make a real difference in the lives of so many people.

Bill Thomas, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Feeding America

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