Software development training gives survivors a new path

AnnieCannons teaches human trafficking survivors to code their way to empowerment, employment, and digital inclusion

Building inclusive economic power


of recent graduates earning dignified incomes.


increase in total graduate income through Sep 2020 vs. same period last year.


women of color served.


of 2020 operating expenses covered through agency revenue.

High-skills training in a trauma-informed setting

Named after astronomer Annie Jump Cannon--a pioneer for women in STEM--AnnieCannons aims to help survivors of human trafficking break the cycle of exploitation through tech-enabled jobs. A holistic approach provides survivors with the skills and experience to develop dignified, sustainable careers. Students receive:

  • High-tech skills training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Hands-on work experience
  • Income-generating opportunities
  • Emphasis on opportunity and autonomy as fundamental to empowerment
  • Highly supportive work environment including on-site childcare and meals
  • Encouragement and support for long-term resilience and financial independence

Innovative three-part model

AnnieCannons’ program is centered on a three-part model:

  1. Training: Through which survivors receive high skills technology and professional skills development.
  2. Impact Agency: Through which survivor graduates earn incomes by building custom software for clients.
  3. Incubator: Through which technology innovations ideated by survivors are nurtured and brought to life.

The model helps ensure that each program participant gains a diverse array of learning experiences and marketable skills.

Building operational strength and program quality

Cisco has provided operational support and donated technology to enable AnnieCannons to:

  • Streamline and improve efficiency of their business operations
  • Support team capacity development
  • Strengthen curriculum development and delivery
  • Deepen impact and enhance service quality for survivors

During the Covid-19 crisis, AnnieCannons has pivoted rapidly and experienced a growth in agency demand and revenue.

At AnnieCannons, we believe that technology can unlock opportunities for survivors to live the lives they deserve and innovate the solutions they want to see for a world without abuse.

Jessica Hubley, AnnieCannons co-founder and CEO

$965k+ in economic power

AnnieCannons’ graduates have earned more than $965k in total income applying their digital skills and utilizing their talents to build software.

A pathway to empowerment

AnnieCannons uses technology to drive economic power into the hands of survivors while expanding inclusion and diversity in the tech industry.

Meet our community partners

Cisco and the Cisco Foundation partner with innovative nonprofits to deliver transformative, tech-driven solutions for economic empowerment, education, and crisis response, which includes shelter, water, food, and disaster relief.