Migrating Application from HP Mid-Range Servers to Cisco UCS B440 Blade Server Reduced Daily Processing Time from 180 to 50 Minutes and Lowered Costs.

Cisco finance teams use a decision-support system called the Allocation Engine to understand profitability by associating costs and revenues with business segments. The SAS Profitability Management (PM) component of the Allocation Engine previously operated on an HP Integrity rx8640 system, which had inadequate memory to process 30 million records by the early morning deadline. Cisco IT accelerated cost-based allocations from 180 to 50 minutes by migrating the SAS environment to the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS™), taking advantage of its much higher RAM capacity. SAS PM performs almost 200 percent faster on the new platform. Now Cisco IT can more easily meet the service-level agreement (SLA), and will even be able to provide more granular allocations within the same timeframe. Cisco customers can draw on Cisco IT's real-world experience to determine if moving their SAS PM applications to the Cisco® UCS would provide value in their environment.

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