Cisco ACNS enables executives in Europe and Africa to deliver timely video messages to employees without WAN overload.

Cisco IT deployed a global Application and Content Networking System (ACNS) in part to support instant, worldwide video broadcast messaging. Cisco executives in Europe and Africa can manage large groups of employees located in different geographies while still keeping a “high-touch” management profile. Through video broadcasting, Cisco can quickly and clearly communicate the corporate vision and new tactical and strategic directions across a wide corporate audience.

This case study provides architectural diagrams, business benefits, and lessons learned from this Cisco IT migration. ACNS benefits include:

  • More efficient delivery of video to all Cisco employees without degrading the overall network infrastructure
  • Reduced operating cost and greater productivity
  • Scalability to accommodate thousands of requests for identical rich media content within a short time
  • Secure integration with a separate application service provider (ASP) that handles content management

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