Moving Oracle and SAP environments to private cloud supports enterprise goals for capacity, resiliency, and innovation

On its journey to a private cloud, Cisco IT is working to virtualize the application environment and consolidate to two operating systems, Windows and Linux, on the x86 processor platform. Previously, approximately 200 HP Superdome and mid-range HP-UX servers in the U.S. and Europe hosted Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle eBusiness Suite. In addition, the Cisco Scientific Atlanta division in Georgia used HP-UX Itanium servers to host SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6 and SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI).

This case study explains how and why Cisco is migrating its Oracle and SAP applications and databases from HP-UX to the Cisco Unified Computing System. Benefits to-date of moving the Oracle Goal-to-Commission application from HP Superdome to the Cisco Unified Computing System include:

  • Uses less than one-third the power
  • Uses fewer than half the cables
  • Reduction in server provisioning time from six weeks to 15 minutes
  • Increased resiliency
  • Faster response times

Cisco IT measured similar benefits after moving SAP ECC 6 and SAP XI from HP-UX to Cisco Unified Computing System in a test environment. Cisco customers can draw on Cisco IT's real-world experience in this area to plan their own Oracle and SAP migration projects.

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