The Cisco Unified Application Environment and related products help Cisco IT developers bring collaboration services to more applications.

This case study describes how "Click-to-Collaborate" tools are available as application services for Cisco IT and business developers. The application services are created by the Cisco IT department frameworks and tools (DFT) Center of Excellence and are based on several Cisco collaboration platforms, including the Cisco® Unified Application Environment, Cisco WebEx®, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Cisco Unified Presence Server. Cisco realizes many benefits from these application services, including:

  • Simple, fast, and consistent implementation of collaboration services in diverse applications.
  • Set of Click-to-Collaborate features that simplify collaboration for users.
  • Fewer manual steps and reduced potential for human error in business tasks.
  • Reduced transaction time for resolving a support case, initiating an order, or closing a sales deal.

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