More than 200 content sessions, alternative reality games, and social interaction in a rich virtual environment motivate and inspire 19,000-plus global attendees.

When more than 19,000 employees gathered for the four-day Cisco annual global sales meeting in September 2009, not one of them had to board a plane, pack a suitcase, or even leave their office. Instead, they attended the first-ever, entirely virtual Global Sales Experience from 89 countries and 600 Cisco conference rooms, spanning 24 time zones.

The large-scale virtual event was enabled by multiple technologies, including Cisco's own collaboration, security, and business video, among other products. Content for the event was rich and detailed, with more than 200 sessions delivered live or on prerecorded videos on demand (VoD) using Cisco TelePresence, WebEx Event Center, or Cisco TV.

To address the technical challenges related to hosting and supporting the global sales event, Cisco IT relied heavily on network readiness assessment, bandwidth optimization techniques such as pre-positioning and caching content, and bitrate management based on content size. 

This case study details how Cisco IT overcame the technical challenges and highlights the business benefits gained from Cisco’s first virtual global sales event. Included among them:

  • More than 90 percent in cost savings for the event overall
  • 211 million air miles saved in travel
  • 334,000 hours saved in travel time

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