Successful e-mail and calendar migration depends on a well-developed communications plan.

Cisco IT was migrating more than 40,000 employees to new calendaring and e-mail systems based on Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. Knowing that a technology migration is only as successful as its eventual adoption and use, the IT group wanted to establish clear communications with end users from the start. This unified communications case study describes how Cisco IT produced and implemented enterprisewide communications about the migration (before, during, and after) to improve end-user understanding, acceptance, and usage.

The case study includes details on the process, planning materials, and data Cisco IT used, including:

  • User analysis and readiness information
  • Communications channels, with samples
  • User support mechanisms, such as web pages
  • Key messages for communicating e-mail and calendaring changes and migration schedules
  • Metrics for calculating the communications return on investment

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