Optimized workplace reduces real estate costs and boosts employee productivity and satisfaction.

As in many enterprise work environments, the majority of Cisco employees are accustomed to working in standard office cubicles that promote heads-down, solitary work. Cisco Workplace Resources and Cisco IT joined forces to design a flexible work environment that would make employee collaboration and communication easier and heighten productivity. The Cisco Connected Workplace features an open, flexible layout and functional furniture, and relies on Cisco products and technologies including IP telephony, Cisco IP Phone Extension Mobility, Cisco IP Communicator, and wireless LAN mobility. The new design not only improved employee satisfaction, but also reduced real estate and equipment costs.

This case study details the design, technologies, and benefits of the Cisco Connected Workplace, including:

  • Cost savings in real estate, furniture, workplace services, and IT equipment
  • The flexibility built into the furniture and layout choices
  • Requirements on the wireless infrastructure of a more mobile workforce

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