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Trends in IT: Business Transformation Through Architectures

In response to macroeconomic factors such as globalization, information digitization on an unprecedented scale, broadband proliferation, social media, and the consumerization of IT, enterprises globally have been reinventing their business models to take advantage of these trends and gain competitive advantage.

Changes in the business affect various aspects of operations. All these changes, in turn, have an impact on the systems that are used to automate business operations. Often changes in the company's technology infrastructure that underpins its business systems are needed to achieve the desired shifts in business model and operations.

To facilitate Cisco's transformation, IT is employing two disciplines: enterprise architecture and IT service management. This article discusses how architecture-led planning is enabling Cisco IT to take a more holistic, cross-functional view in making investment decisions, and how services-led execution and operations are resulting in better IT cost management and improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

Enterprise Architecture and IT Service Management