Selective IT integration approach improves network performance, security, resilience, and costs for Linksys division.

Unlike most companies acquired by Cisco, Linksys remains its own separate division. Typically, when Cisco acquires a company, Cisco IT fully integrates the new company’s IT infrastructure, applications, business processes, and IT governance. In the case of Linksys, which manufactures networking products for consumers and small businesses, Cisco IT selectively integrated only the elements that would provide synergy or reduce costs.

This case study explains the rationale for selective integration and the various aspects of the infrastructure integration, including data center connectivity, headquarters network, IP telephony and video, DMZ, wireless connectivity, the Linksys contact center, and partner access.
The Linksys network integration provided the following benefits:

  • Improved network performance
  • Improved DMZ security and performance
  • Enhanced network resilience
  • Reduced costs

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