Cisco Connected Workplace

Executive Insight

Cisco Connected Workplace has achieved success through the alignment of Real Estate, Information Technology and Human Resources functions.

Click on the video links to hear leadership perspectives on how Cisco Connected Workplace affects their respective functions.

Executive Insight:

Workplace Resources

Dave Wagner

VP — Finance,
Worldwide Workplace Resources

Dave Wagner is Vice President of Workplace Resources, the corporate real estate group at Cisco. He discusses how his team works with the Human Resources and Information Technology groups to transform the employee experience. Cisco Connected Workplace is a key strategic initiative supporting the global business.

Executive Insight:

Human Resources

Jim Gemmell

Human Resources Partners

Jim Gemmell is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Cisco. He discusses how Cisco Connected Workplace assists in attracting and retaining top talent and helps increase the effectiveness and engagement of our workforce.

Executive Insight:

Information Technology

Lance Perry

VP — Information Technology,
Customer Strategy and Success,
Information Technology

Lance Perry is Vice President of Customer Strategy and Success in the Information Technology Group at Cisco. He discusses how next-generation technology developed at Cisco enables the connected workplace.