Below are the current Cisco products listed on the Army Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP) Recommended Products List (RPL).

The I3MP, administered by Project Manager, Network Enterprise Services (PM NES) at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and engineered by USAISEC at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, evaluates and fields the backbone infrastructure that provides data communications capabilities to users on Army installations worldwide.

Software for these certifications may be downloaded; if you are unable to locate the software image for the certification listed below, please use The GCT Image Request Form.

IPv6 Certification Testing

Understand more about the IPv6 mandate and what it means to have a network that is IPv6 capable.
Read White Paper Adobe PDF file (PDF - 223 KB)

Improving Government Certification Testing

An analysis of the restrictions on certified product offerings to the marketplace.
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Evolving Global Government Certifications

Learn why the certification process is the key to meeting the needs of global customers.
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Table 1. Current Validations for US Army Infrastructure Modernization (IMOD)/Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP)
Technology Product Software Version
Ethernet Switching Cisco Catalyst 450(X)R-E w/SUP6-E 15.1(1) SG
12.2(53) SG2
12.2(50) SG3
Cisco Catalyst 450(X)R-E w/SUP6L-E 12.2(53) SG2
12.2(53) SG
Cisco Catalyst 450(X)R+E w/SUP7-E XE 3.1(1) SG
XE 3.3(0) SG
Cisco Catalyst 450(X)R+E w/SUP7L-E XE 3.3(0) SG
XE 3.1(1) SG
Cisco Catalyst 650(X)E w/VS-S2T 15.0(1) SY
Cisco Catalyst 650(X)E w/WS-SUP720 12.2(33) SXI4
Cisco Catalyst 650(X)E w/VS-S720 12.2(33) SXI4
Cisco Catalyst ME 6524 12.2(33) SRE
12.2(33) SXI2
Cisco Catalyst 760(X)S w/RSP720 12.2(33) SRE1
12.2(33) SRD
12.2(33) SRB2
12.2(18) SXF9
Cisco 2951 w/ES3 12.2(40) SE
Cisco Catalyst 2960G 12.2(46) SE
Cisco Catalyst 3560E 12.2(53) SE2
Cisco Catalyst 3560X 15.0(1)SE
12.2(55) SE1
Cisco Catalyst 3560v2 15.0(1) SE
12.2(53) SE2
Cisco Catalyst 3750E 12.2(53) SE2
Cisco Catalyst 3750X 15.0(1) SE1
12.2(55) SE1
Cisco Catalyst 3750v2 15.0(1) SE
12.2(53) SE2
Cisco Nexus 5020 4.1(3)N2(1a)
Cisco Nexus 70(XX) w/N7K-SUP1 6.0(1)

* Dense Wave Division Multiplexing