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Protecting People and Assets

The challenges of protecting the safety, welfare, and property of people within a defined area can seem overwhelming. Faced with limited resources, you need advanced network solutions that increase operational efficiency and expand your command and control capabilities. Incorporating advanced physical security solutions will keep you moving in the right direction.

Case Studies

  • Wireless Video Surveillance Supports Policing in Mexican City (PDF - 408 KB)
    Wireless mesh video surveillance platform is enabling San Luis Potos¡ - to fight crime in real time, more effectively and precisely.
  • The Wireless City Initiative (Video - 6:37 min)
    Westminsiter Council successfully addressed common social problems and achieved greater efficiency through a WiFi network.
  • Info and Security System (Video - 3:47 min)
    Istanbul's police keep watch over potential incident spots using surveillance cameras connected to a network with multicast capabilities, where images can be analyzed by a range of software applications.

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