Cisco Trustworthy Systems Technologies

Cisco Trustworthy Systems

A Foundation of Trust

Cisco Trustworthy System Technologies initiatives continue the tradition of security and trust in all our products. These initiatives are continually enhanced and take a proactive, cross-discipline approach to policies, processes, and technologies that culminate in highly secure networking products.

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Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle

A secure product development lifecycle provides a repeatable and measurable process designed to mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities and increase product resiliency.

Trust Anchor Technology

Trust Anchor Technology includes a number of technology initiatives that provide product assurance and offer increased physical security protection for customer networks.

Once a system is powered on, Trust Anchor Technology offers the ability to verify hardware and software authenticity, and continues the boot sequence until the system is fully running. With this assurance, Trust Anchor Technology then acts as a "hardware anchor," providing anti-tamper storage for enhanced security and a unique identity (X.509 SUDI) for the platform.


Cryptography provides confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and nonrepudiation for communications and data. Cryptography helps ensure trustworthiness by:

  • Assuring software integrity and authenticity or protecting data at rest
  • Keeping current with the secure algorithms of the day


Certifications are critical to ensuring that customers can confidently purchase the equipment they need and that the equipment performs as advertised, is as secure as claimed, and is compatible and interoperable with existing infrastructure.

Cisco has dedicated resources working throughout the certification process with governments and standards bodies to maximize the value and minimize the cost of certification worldwide.

Supply Chain Security

Supply chain security combines traditional practices of supply chain management with verifiable system security requirements. Cisco deploys a set of interlocking practices, procedures, technologies, and implementation checkpoints to embed physical and logical security at each node of our supply chain.

Our security focuses on protecting against malicious modification or substitution of technology, misuse of intellectual property, supply chain disruption, and counterfeit products.

Cloud Solutions

A Trustworthy Systems Resolution

Based on this model, security is built directly into the network architecture throughout the product development lifecycle. It is supported by vendor processes, independent certifications, and supply chain practices that allow organizations to establish and maintain a network foundation based on a "trustworthy system."