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FedRAMP Authorized Solutions for Government

FedRAMP Authorized Solutions for Government

Cisco is uniquely positioned to help enable your agency’s missions in a Cloud Smart, Zero Trust world. By deploying our FedRAMP Authorized solutions, your Federal agency can empower stronger, risk-based security featuring deeper visibility and automation. All while enabling Enterprise level unified communications and collaboration for enhanced productivity.

Cisco current FedRAMP Authorized, Ready, and In Process solutions

Our solutions can empower a hybrid work environment built on integrated cloud-ready networks and industry-leading security. By partnering with Cisco, your transition to a hybrid working environment can meet the stringent requirements of FedRAMP while enhancing security, reducing risks, and speeding deployment.

Webex for Government

Call, message, and meet from the all new Webex for Government,  FedRAMP Authorized Collaboration Solution from Cisco. This solution gives you access to the latest Webex app for a secure, integrated, and modern collaboration experience.

Duo Security

Duo offers two FedRAMP Authorized editions to help public sector organizations secure access to data and critical systems with strong multi-factor authentication.

AppDynamics GovAPM

Deliver reliable performance for mission-critical applications with AppDynamics GovAPM FedRAMP Authorized application performance monitoring solution.

Cisco SD-WAN for Government

Empower predictable application experience, rich analytics, and best-in-class security with Cisco SD-WAN for Government.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud (Cisco UCM Cloud) for Government

Get powerful cloud-based collaboration. Cisco UCM Cloud for Government features dedicated deployments, end-to-end encryption to the FIPS 140 standard, and government-defined architecture.

Webex Contact Center Enterprise for Government

Provide a comprehensive, customizable, and secure solution that meets the complex needs of the world’s largest contact centers.

Webex for Defense

Webex for Defense has achieved DOD IL5 Authorization. Mission-critical communications tools can connect you to the people and resources you need across the globe.

Cisco Cloudlock

Secure your cloud identities, data, and apps, through a simple, open, and automated API-driven approach that is FedRAMP Authorized.


Help customers quickly, easily, and cost effectively develop and deliver managed network, security, and business services. This FedRAMP Ready solution offers a multi-tenant, multi-service, cloud-native service creation and delivery platform.

Cisco's FedRAMP Authorized solutions help secure the cloud, and more

Harness the flexibility of cloud technologies

Conduct agency operations effectively, leveraging the efficiency of the cloud while keeping the nation’s sensitive information secure.

Provide training anywhere

Connect attendees securely anywhere, with powerful interactive tools like Webex for meetings, training, group events, and conference sessions.

Securely enable users across the miles

Easily connect employees anywhere, anytime using Duo’s secure Zero Trust access multi-level authentication.

Explore creative solutions with multi-cloud confidence

Our FedRAMP Authorized technologies enable custom options like multi-cloud-ready networks to leverage hybrid cloud.

Fast-Track Your IT Modernization with Cisco Services

Make the most of your existing collaboration tools and speed your upgrade path. Get help as you consider, plan, or execute a move to FedRAMP Authorized cloud platforms.

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