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Cisco Joins the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

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Cisco Joins the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Product Certification Commitment

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Certifying Products to Meet Global Requirements

Cisco believes in the value of, and is committed to, the government product certification process. We deliver the right products with the right certifications to meet and exceed Public Sector customer expectations. The government certification business is complex. Therefore, Cisco has a dedicated resource team for overall program management of global government certifications and is our 3rd pillar of excellence in support of building Trust Worthy products.

Governments worldwide need to ensure that products they use meet their criteria, perform as expected, and work with their existing technology. As a leader in providing certified and evaluated products to the global marketplace, Cisco responds to these needs by maintaining an active product certification and evaluation program for global government customers.


Certifying Trustworthy Systems with International Standards and Certifications (PDF - 500 KB)

Achieve Cyber Security with the Help of Common Criteria Certification (PDF - 301 KB)

Meeting HIPAA Requirements with Federal Information Process Standard (FIPS) Encryption (PDF - 793 KB)

Achieving Network Security with Common Criteria - COT Journal (PDF - 793 KB)

The Importance of Global Government Certifications (PDF - 215 KB)

Common Criteria - Embrace, Reform, and Extend (PDF - 832 KB)

Getting Started with IPv6 White Paper (PDF - 952 KB)


Common Criteria

The methodology for product evaluation involves seven levels.

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140

FIPS 140 specifies security requirements for "cryptographic modules."

Internet Protocol v6

United State Government (USG) agencies are required to procure only certified IPv6 products.


The certification process is the responsibility of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Unified Capabilities Connection Office (UCCO).


Learn about validations for the U.S. Army Infrastructure Modernization (IMOD)/Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP).


Learn about Cisco product certifications for this evaluation program.

Software Download Center

For software certifications, go to the Software Download Center. If you are unable to locate the software image, use the GCT Image Request.


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