Common Criteria

Validation, Reliability and Trustworthiness

Cisco continues to be a global leader in pursuing and completing Common Criteria (CC) certification. CC is a global standard to which security products are evaluated. CC product certifications are mutually recognized by 26 nations, thus an evaluation that is conducted in one country is recognized by the other countries. Cisco is one of the global leaders who have conducted Common Criteria evaluations supporting our global customers' needs.Configuration Guides available upon request.

To learn more visit the Common Criteria Portal or the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Cisco Product Compliant List

Products that are currently in progress can be viewed on the NIAP Products in Evaluation page.

Certifying Trustworthy Systems with International Standards and Certifications (PDF - 501 KB) Adobe PDF file

Table 1. Common Criteria Certified Product Guidance

Certification Title Certification Date
Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) 6.4 with FMC and AnyConnect (NSCIB 22-0259553) 2022-10-13
Hyperflex v4.5 AGD (NSCIB-22-215885) 2022-01-13
Nexus 9K APIC/ACI v4.2 AGD (NSCIB-21-163806) 2021-02-12
UCM CIMC v4.0 AGD (NSCIB-20-0038305) 2020-04-14
HyperFlex v3.5 AGD (NSCIB-19-215885) 2019-11-27
UCS UCSM v4.0 AGD (NSCIB-19-228723) 2019-11-08
Nexus 9K APIC/ACI v2.3 AGD (NSCIB-18-142306) 2018-05-04
HyperFlex v2.5 AGD (SERTIT-095) 2017-10-06
Nexus 9K v7.0 AGD (NSCIB-17-93012) 2017-06-16
UCS UCSM v3.1 AGD (NSCIB-15-58905) 2017-04-12
Nexus 5K v7.2 AGD (NSCIB-16-77333) 2016-08-11
Nexus 7K v6.2 AGD (NSCIB-14-49712) 2015-08-12

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