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See how Sprint is implementing public cloud services using Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution. (2:27 min)

Selling Public Cloud Services (For Cloud Providers)

Public Cloud Services: Delivering Value to Your Customers

If you're a cloud provider looking to increase revenue, reduce costs, and become even more relevant to your customers, Cisco wants to partner with you for public cloud services. You can sell and resell public cloud services that are completely ready to run - immediately. Or build custom public cloud solutions to sell in the marketplace.

Cisco's cloud strategy is to work with our partners, not compete with them, to provide the best public cloud solutions on the market. We'll help you use your entire end-to-end infrastructure to become a leader in delivering enterprise-class public cloud applications. With us, you can deliver new services -- rapidly and flexibly. And support them with an enterprise-grade infrastructure that improves reliability, security, and performance.

Through this unique partnership, we help you profit from the public cloud by offering:

  • The industry's most complete portfolio of leading cloud collaboration solutions
  • Flexible deployment choices
  • An open, scalable, and highly secure cloud platform that grows as your needs change
  • Complete support, which includes leading services, custom commercial terms, and joint go-to-market assistance

Our cloud strategy helps enable you to build public clouds (and even private or hybrid clouds), and offer new public cloud services and applications dynamically and on-demand. And as a provider of Cisco Powered cloud services, you can benefit directly from all of the advantages of being a certified Cisco partner.

Public Cloud Getting Ready for Public Cloud-Based Services

Getting Ready for Public Cloud-Based Services

When you're looking to provide public cloud-based solutions, it's vitally important to have a network that's ready for public cloud. And the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network lets you connect your data centers to better share and balance resources. You'll be able to provide multitiered service-level agreements (SLAs) to your customers, while guaranteeing performance.

Preparing your data centers for public cloud is equally important. And the Cisco Unified Data Center provides a common infrastructure that will help optimize your operations to lower your costs.

You can deliver IT as a Service (ITaaS) through public cloud. And you'll be able to provide services to customers faster and segment them, their users, and applications as needed.

Public Cloud Collaboration Solutions You Can Build On

Collaboration Solutions You Can Build On

Our Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS) extend the enterprise IT and private cloud environments into the public cloud, while maintaining full security controls and policy management. You can offer your customers our HCS platform, and even build on it with your own products and services. You'll be able to deliver more applications faster, in a virtualized environment.

With HCS, customers gain a consistent user experience across a variety of devices. While you optimize resources. Improve business agility to focus more on what your organization does best. And shift IT spending from CapEx to OpEx.

Learn more about Cisco HCS for partners.

Become a Cisco Powered Partner

As a Cisco partner, you can take advantage of evolving markets and improve profitability -- through the Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP). Its benefits include:

  • Global certification and Cisco Powered branding, to help your customers identify superior services and connect with confidence
  • Leading go-to-market assistance
  • Ability to differentiate yourself in the market by offering new services

Explore the cloud and managed services program further.

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