Cisco SN 5400 Series Storage Routers

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco SN 5420

Product Bulletin No. 2177

End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement

for the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router

Cisco Systems® announces the end of life of the Cisco® SN 5420 Storage Router, effective May 27, 2003. The last day to order the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router is November 27, 2003. Customers will continue to receive support from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) until November 27, 2008. Table 1 describes the end-of-life milestones, definitions, and dates for the Cisco SN 5420.

Customers are encouraged to migrate to the Cisco SN 5428-2, which provides all the functions available in the Cisco SN 5420. Also, the SN 5428-2 provides higher performance, an additional Gigabit Ethernet port, and an integrated 8-port Fibre Channel switch. In addition to the standard Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) supported features, the SN 5428-2 supports Fibre Channel over Interface Protocol (FCIP) for doing SAN island interconnects (this feature replaces the iSCSI SAN Interconnect (ISI) feature available in the SN 5420). Information about this product is available at: . Table 3 provides relevant information for migrating from the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router to the Cisco SN 5428-2 Storage Router.

In addition, Cisco Systems is announcing the end of life for version 1.8.x of the Cisco iSCSI drivers for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, AIX 4.3.3, and HP-UX 10.2. The RFC version of the iSCSI IETF standard is complete and newer versions of these drivers are now available.

Table 1   End-of-Life Milestones and Dates for the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router

Milestone Definition Date
End-of-life announcement date

The document that announces the end of sale and end of life of a product to the general public.

May 27, 2003

End of sale date

The last date to order the product through Cisco point-of-sale mechanisms. The product is no longer for sale.

November 27, 2003

Last shipment date

The last possible date that Cisco and/or its contract manufacturers ship the affected product.

January 27, 2004

End of software maintenance releases date

The last date that Cisco Engineering may release any final software maintenance releases or bug fixes. After this date, Cisco Engineering will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software.

November 27, 2004

End of routine failure analysis date

The last possible date a routine failure analysis may be performed to determine the cause of product failure or defect.

November 27, 2004

End of new service attachment date

For equipment and software that is not covered by a service-and-support contract, this is the last date to order a new service-and-support contract or add the equipment and/or software to an existing service-and-support contract.

November 27, 2004

End of service contract renewal date

The last date to extend or renew a service contract for the product. The extension or renewal period cannot extend beyond the last date of support.

November 27, 2007 for hardware and the operating system

November 27, 2005 for software

Last date of support

The last date to receive service and support for the product. After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable, and the product becomes obsolete.

November 27, 2008 for hardware and the operating system

November 27, 2006 for software

Table 2   Product Part Numbers Affected by this Announcement

End-of-Sale Product Part Number
Cisco iSCSI SN5420-FW-1.X
Cisco iSCSI SN5420-FW-2.X
AIX-iSCSI 1.8.1
HPUX 10.2-iSCSI 1.8.1
Solaris-iSCSI 1.8.10
Win2K-iSCSI 1.8.10
NT-iSCSI 1.8.9
Linux_iSCSI_ 1.8.7

Product Migration Options

The recommended replacement for the Cisco SN 5420 is the Cisco SN 5428-2. A comparison of the features available in the two products is shown in Table 3. The recommended replacements for the iSCSI version 1.8.x drivers are shown in Table 4.

Table 3   Product Comparisons

  Cisco SN5420 Storage Router Cisco SN5428-2 Storage Router
Fibre Channel ports



Gigabit Ethernet ports



Management ports



Console ports




Side to side

Front to back

iSCSI SAN interconnect






Service Location Protocol (SLP) support



iSCSI RFC support



Secure Shell/Secure Sockets Layer



Part number



Details on the features and bug fixes for the products listed below are available at:

Table 4   Recommended Replacement Products

Product Cisco EOL Product Cisco Replacement Product
SN 5420 firmware

iSCSI SN5420-FW-1.X


SN 5420 firmware

iSCSI SN5420-FW-2.X


iSCSI AIX driver



iSCSI HPUX 10.2 driver

HPUX 10.2-iSCSI 1.8.1

HPUX 10.2-iSCSI 2.1.2

iSCSI Linux driver


Linux-iSCSI- 3.1.1

iSCSI NT driver



iSCSI Solaris driver


Solaris-iSCSI 3.1.1

iSCSI Windows 2000 driver



Customers can use the Cisco Technology Migration Plan (TMP) to trade in products and receive credit toward the purchase of new Cisco equipment. For more information about Cisco TMP, go to: . Channel Partners should contact their Cisco Channel account manager for assistance.

Additional Information

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