Cisco MDS 9000 Family Fabric Manager Configuration Guide
Interface Nonoperational Reason Codes
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Interface Nonoperational Reason Codes

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Interface Nonoperational Reason Codes

Interface Nonoperational Reason Codes

If the administrative state for an interface is up and the operational state is down, the reason code differs based on the nonoperational reason code as described in Table C-1.

Table C-1 Reason Codes for Nonoperational States 

Reason Code
Applicable Modes

Link failure or not connected

Physical layer link is not operational.


SFP not present

The small form-factor pluggable (SFP) hardware is not plugged in.


The physical layer link is operational and the protocol initialization is in progress.

Reconfigure fabric in progress

The fabric is currently being reconfigured.


Cisco MDS SAN-OS waits for the specified R_A_TOV time before retrying initialization.


The interface VSAN is deleted or is in a suspended state.

To make the interface operational, assign that port to a configured and active VSAN.

Hardware failure

A hardware failure is detected.

Error disabled

Error conditions require administrative attention. Interfaces may be error-disabled for various reasons. For example:

Configuration failure.

Incompatible buffer-to-buffer credit configuration.

To make the interface operational, you must first fix the error conditions causing this state; and next, administratively shut down or enable the interface.

Isolation due to ELP failure

Port negotiation failed.

Only E ports and TE ports

Isolation due to ESC failure

Port negotiation failed.

Isolation due to domain overlap

The Fibre Channel domains (fcdomain) overlap.

Isolation due to domain ID assignment failure

The assigned domain ID is not valid.

Isolation due to other side E port isolated

The E port at the other end of the link is isolated.

Isolation due to invalid fabric reconfiguration

The port is isolated due to fabric reconfiguration.

Isolation due to domain manager disabled

The fcdomain feature is disabled.

Isolation due to zone merge failure

The zone merge operation failed.

Isolation due to VSAN mismatch

The VSANs at both ends of an ISL are different.


FL ports cannot participate in loop operations. It may happen if more than one FL port exists in the same loop, in which case all but one FL port in that loop automatically enters nonparticipating mode.

Only FL ports and TL ports

PortChannel administratively down

The interfaces belonging to the PortChannel are down.

Only PortChannel interfaces

Suspended due to incompatible speed

The interfaces belonging to the PortChannel have incompatible speeds.

Suspended due to incompatible mode

The interfaces belonging to the PortChannel have incompatible modes.

Suspended due to incompatible remote switch WWN

An improper connection is detected. All interfaces in a PortChannel must be connected to the same pair of switches.