Cisco MDS 9000 Family Fabric Manager Configuration Guide
Cisco Fabric Manager Unsupported Feature List
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Cisco Fabric Manager Unsupported Feature List

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Cisco Fabric Manager Unsupported Feature List

Cisco Fabric Manager Unsupported Feature List

This appendix contains a list of features and functions not supported by Cisco Fabric Manager or Device Manager. This list is organized according to the chapter in which the feature would be described if it were supported. (See Table B-1.) For documentation about these features, refer to the Cisco MDS 9000 Family CLI Configuration Guide.

Table B-1 Features Not Supported by Cisco Fabric Manager or Device Manage 


2 Cisco MDS NX-OS Installation and Switch Management

Obtaining and Installing Licenses

Backing Up License Files

Moving Licences Between Switches

Initial Configuration

Starting a Switch (Initial Setup)

Configuring Console Settings

Configuring COM1 and Modem Settings

Adjusting for Daylight Savings Time

Configuring the Initialization String

Basic Switch Configuration

Terminal Settings

File System Commands

Displaying File Contents


Software Images

Manual Upgrade on a Dual Supervisor Switch

Corrupted Bootflash Recovery


Working with Configuration Files

Formatting External CompactFlash

Compressing and Uncompressing Files

Displaying the Last Lines in a File

Executing Commands Specified in a Script

Setting the Delay Time

Displaying Configuration Files

Unlocking the Startup Configuration File

Accessing Remote File Systems

Configuring High Availability

Copying Images to the Standby Supervisor

Managing System Hardware

Clock Modules

Managing Modules

Connecting to a Module

Preserving Module Configuration

Purging Module Configuration

EPLD Configuration

Configuring SSI Boot Image

Managing SSMs

3 Switch Configuration

Configuring Interfaces

Displaying the ALPA Cache Contents

Clearing the ALPA Cache

N-Port Identifier Virtualization (NPIV)

Scheduling Tasks

Schedule Configuration

4 Fabric Configuration

Inter-VSAN Routing Configuration

Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR) FICON Support

IVR Service Groups

6 IP Services

Configuring FCIP

Displaying and Clearing ARP Caches

Configuring the SAN Extension Tuner

Tuning Configuration

Configuring IP Storage

IPS Module Core Dumps

8 Network and Switch Monitoring

Monitoring Network Traffic Using SPAN

Remote SPAN

10 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Your Fabric

Loop Monitoring

Configuring CIM

CFS for FC Timers

Local Text Based Capture

Capturing FC Analyzer Frames Locally

Sending Captured FC Analyzer Frames to a Remote IP Address

Clearing Configured FC Analyzer Information

Displaying a List of Hosts Configured for Remote Capture

Using Fabric Analyzer Display Filters

Monitoring System Processes and Logs

Saving the Last Core to Flash

Kernel Core Dumps

System Health Initiation

Loopback Test Configuration Frequency

Hardware Failure Action

Tests for a Specified Module

Clearing Previous Error Reports

Online Health Management System

Enabling and Disabling the OHMS

Enabling and Disabling Hardware Failure Action

Configuring Onboard Failure Logging

Clearing Previous Error Reports

Performing Tests for a Specified Module

Configuring Automatic Loopback Tests

Performing SERDES Loopback Tests