Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Administrator Guide, Release 3.1
Using the Customer Experience Feedback Module
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Table of Contents

Using Cisco AnyConnect Customer Experience Feedback Module

Configuring Customer Experience Feedback Module

Disabling During Installation

Using Cisco AnyConnect Customer Experience Feedback Module


Cisco has created a customer experience feedback component which provides us with a look at what features and modules customers use and have enabled. The collection of this client information gives us insight into the user experience so that Cisco can continue to improve the quality, reliability, performance, and user experience of AnyConnect.

All data is collected anonymously and does not contain personally identifiable data. The data is also securely sent. You can refer to the End User License Agreement or the Privacy Policy from the About Menu for further information. From the Cisco Online Privacy Statement Highlights page you can access the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Supplement which details the collection and use of information.

The three types of data collected for customer experience feedback include:

  • Usability data—See the privacy policy for details. This data is collected and sent once every month.
  • Web threat data—If the Telemetry module is installed and enabled, you can use the customer experience feedback module to transport telemetry’s collected data. This data is sent whenever a threat is reported. Refer to the Chapter 7, “Configuring AnyConnect Telemetry to the WSA” for further details about the Telemetry module.
  • Crash reports—Crash dump files generated by AnyConnect are checked every 24 hours, collected, and sent to the customer experience feedback server.

The major components in the customer experience feedback modules are as follows:

  • Feedback Module—AnyConnect software component that collects the information and periodically sends it to the server.
  • Cisco Feedback Server—Cisco-owned cloud infrastructure that collects the customer experience feedback data and stores it in temporary storage as raw format.

ASA and ASDM Requirements

The AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client with the customer experience feedback module requires these minimum ASA components:

  • ASA 8.4(1)
  • ASDM 7.0

Configuring Customer Experience Feedback Module

AnyConnect Customer Experience Feedback Module is enabled by default. Administrators can choose to opt out of the feedback and do so by setting up a profile with the recommended settings. End users must abide by the setting established by the administrators.


The customer experience feedback module is supported on Windows and Mac OS X.

Detailed Steps

Step 1 To launch the profile editor from ASDM and create a new profile, follow the steps in the “Creating and Editing an AnyConnect Client Profile Using the Integrated AnyConnect Profile Editor” section. After you have used the profile editor integrated with ASDM to create client profiles for the customer feedback module, continue to Step 2.

Step 2 Open ASDM and choose Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > AnyConnect Client Profile.

Step 3 Choose the AnyConnect Customer Experience Feedback client profile you created and click Edit. The Customer Experience Feedback profile editor opens.

Step 4 The default is for the customer experience feedback module to be enabled. If you do not want to participate in providing feedback, you must disable this item. This disabling can occur any time after installation and is the preferred method for opting out of the customer feedback experience.

Note If customer experience feedback is enabled, Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) is not used, because the device using the customer experience feedback module takes over the telemetry role. When customer experience feedback is disabled, telemetry data is sent to the WSA.

Step 5 The default is to include a crash report. Administrators must clear the checkbox if they do not want to collect crash reports generated by AnyConnect.

Step 6 Cisco recommends that administrators enter a customer key or ID of their choice. This key attaches the data to your organization if you would like to allow Cisco to identify information specifically from your organization; otherwise, Cisco is not capable of grouping reports by organization.


Disabling During Installation

You can also remove the customer experience feedback module altogether during installation.

  • For web-deploy

See the “Configuring the ASA to Download AnyConnect” section.

  • For Windows pre-deploy

See the “Using an SMS to Predeploy AnyConnect Modules” section.

  • For Linux or Mac pre-deploy

See the “Predeploying to Linux and Mac OS X Computers” section.

Note This process is not the preferred option for disabling the customer experience feedback module. See Step 4 above for the preferred method.