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What ASA License Is Needed for IP Phone and Mobile VPN Connections?

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Updated: Jan 17, 2013

Contributed by David White, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document summarizes the licenses you need in order to connect your IP phones and mobile VPN devices to your adaptive security appliance (ASA).

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Q. What ASA license is needed for IP phone and mobile VPN connections?

A. This table summarizes the license options and requirements:

  AnyConnect Premium SSL License (L-ASA-SSL-xxxx) AnyConnect Essentials License (L-ASA-AC-E-55xx) AnyConnect Mobile License (L-ASA-AC-M-55xx) AnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone (L-ASA-AC-PH-55xx) Encryption License (DES/3DES/AES)
Cisco IP Phone Required     Required Required
Cell Phones (mobile OS) Option 1* Option 2* Required   Required
Apple iPad, iPod Option 1* Option 2* Required   Required
Jabber Secure Connect   Required     Required

Note: The AnyConnect Essentials license cannot be active at the same time as the AnyConnect Premium Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) license.

* For mobile devices, they must have either an AnyConnect Premium SSL license (Option 1) or AnyConnect Essentials license (Option 2) license installed on the ASA

Option 1: The AnyConnect Premium SSL license can:

  • Enforce dynamic access policies (DAP) on supported mobile devices based on DAP attributes and on any other existing endpoint attributes. This includes the ability to deny or allow remote access from a mobile device.

Option 2: The AnyConnect Essentials license can:

  • Enable or disable mobile device access on a per group basis, and configure the group access feature using the Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM).

  • Display information about connected mobile devices by CLI or ASDM without the ability to enforce DAP policies or to deny or allow remote access to those connected mobile devices.

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Updated: Jan 17, 2013
Document ID: 115920