Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Design for Faster Deployment

Accelerate cloud deployment with integrated solution from Cisco, Intel, and Red Hat. (PDF - 4.8 MB)

Design for Faster Deployment

OpenStack is a fast-growing platform for deployment of both public and private cloud. OpenStack defines the way cloud components work together, to minimize the effort and costs associated with platform integration and management. Many organizations are mandating open-cloud platforms to increase control, maintain future flexibility, and reduce the high cost of vendor lock-in. Let Cisco help you implement OpenStack in your organization by choosing the Cisco solution that fits your requirements.

Self-Managed OpenStack Cloud

Simplify your OpenStack cloud deployment and get faster access to the benefits of agile infrastructure. Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Red Hat OpenStack Platform are integrated solutions for deploying a reliable, secure, highly scalable, and supported open cloud solution that you manage yourself. Industry leaders Cisco, Intel, and Red Hat have developed integrated and validated solutions to help you:

  • Reduce OpenStack deployment complexity and risk
  • Maintain the flexibility of your cloud environment
  • Reduce cloud operating costs and accelerate return on investment

These integrated solutions combine computing, networking, storage, management, and cloud orchestration into a single platform for deploying private cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service. As an alternative to the fully managed Cisco Metapod solution, this solution is for organizations with the expertise to self-manage their OpenStack environment and a desire to make independent decisions about which OpenStack components to implement. The solution is based on Cisco Validated Design and Deployment Guides including a proven configuration and bill of materials, Cisco Solution Support across all vendor components, and expert OpenStack design and deployment services.

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Red Hat OpenStack solution can play an important role in your overall cloud strategy, particularly for:

  • Application development and testing: to provide consistent resources on-demand to developers and line of business managers and transform IT into an internal service provider
  • Cloud native applications: as a more flexible alternative to legacy architectures for development and life-cycle management
  • Application expansion and scaling: to deliver reliable, secure, and cost-efficient platforms to support growth and global expansion.

UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Ceph Storage

This version of the integrated solution with Red Hat OpenStack Platform helps you configure a self-managed cloud with Red Hat OpenStack Platform using Ceph to manage server-based storage.

FlexPod with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

This version of the integrated solution with Red Hat OpenStack Platform helps FlexPod users build an OpenStack cloud to support service-level agreements (SLAs) and high-value storage needs with NetApp network attached storage devices.

Limited Time Offer: Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

For a limited time, you can deploy your OpenStack cloud on Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure and demonstrate its business value in your organization. At no cost we can provide the following for you*:

  • Loaner hardware kit: Complete solution kit (servers, chassis, storage, switches) so you can set up your on-premises private cloud infrastructure for hands-on experience (200–300 virtual machines)
  • Evaluation software: Software evaluation licenses for the whole solution (RedHat OpenStack platform, Ceph, and Cisco Nexus and UCS products)
  • Fixed-scope starter services delivered by Cisco and Red Hat: Advanced and professional services to assist you in the designing and deploying of the solution for 1–2 weeks and help you produce a successful outcome

*Available only in the Americas and Europe

Note: This offer is applicable only to qualified use cases and opportunities. Contact your account representative or email us to find out more and discuss eligibility criteria in more detail.