Cloud Analytics

Giving you freedom in a multi-cloud world.
Seize the opportunities available, from the data center to the edge.

Don’t just collect. Act!

Your data is everywhere. It’s what you do with that data that counts. Make the connections in your hyper-distributed network to gain insights like never before and take action in real time.

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    Bring analytics to the data

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    Unify highly distributed operations

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    Empower staff with instant access to data

Find the best analytics solutions for you

Go beyond connecting things to connect data, analytics, processes, and experiences.

Simplify location analytics

Simplify location analytics

Get more out of your Wi-Fi. Drive decisions with real-time and historical insights such as device counts, dwell times, peak hours, and new versus repeat visitors.

Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Cloud
Make better decisions in real time

Make better decisions in real time

Easily access data, no matter where it resides. Query all data across the network as if it were in a single place. Make better decisions and adapt to change more quickly.

Cisco Data Virtualization
Simplify support, govern multi-sourcing

Simplify support, govern multi-sourcing

Integrate with your support ecosystem for end-to-end processes and faster collaboration on support issues. It's scalable, highly secure, and fast.

Cisco ServiceGrid
Unify business process and workflows

Unify business process and workflows

Rapidly connect users, applications, and data to form a highly secure enterprise-grade cloud that delivers business services faster, at lower cost, and at scale.

Cisco Service Exchange Platform
Monitor and log cloud-based data

Monitor and log cloud-based data

Gain operational insights from all of your telemetry data, in one place, without setting up or managing any infrastructure.

Cisco Zeus

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