Cisco Spectrum Expert

Manage Radio Frequency as a Business Asset

The proliferation of wireless devices combined with the growth in mobility applications requires businesses to be diligent in managing their RF environment as a business asset. A myriad of emerging wireless technologies interfere with Wi-Fi and RF interference can be a major inhibitor to wireless performance, creating security vulnerabilities and wireless network instability.  

Cisco Spectrum Expert addresses the problem of RF interference in wireless networks. With Cisco Spectrum Expert your business can detect, classify, locate, and mitigate sources of wireless interference to optimize network performance for mobility applications.

Cisco Spectrum Expert can help your company:

  • Improve network performance and coverage
  • Increase network security
  • Lower operational costs
  • Enable more efficient RF troubleshooting capabilities

Cisco Spectrum Expert integrates with the Cisco Unified Wireless Network to ease wireless deployment and operations while building a robust foundation for mobile business applications

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