A New Benchmark for Performance

Build storage networks with superior performance, reliability, and flexibility.

Eliminate SAN Congestion

Explore new Cisco solutions that automate congestion detection and resolution

Eliminate SAN Congestion

Scalable and Simple

The Cisco MDS 9396S is the next generation of our highly versatile and affordable fabric switches with enterprise-class features.


High Performance and Flexibility

Cisco broadens SAN portfolio to provide high performance, versatile and affordable solutions for small businesses and enterprises, with new 96 ports 16Gbps Fabric switch, deployment options for FICON, 40GE Converged Ethernet Storage, and enhanced SAN intelligence.

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Three Times the Performance

Three Times the Performance

The MDS 9700 Directors establishes a new benchmark for performance, delivering more than three times the bandwidth of any director in the industry. Use it to optimize your storage connectivity for mission-critical applications, massive amounts of data, solid state drives, and cloud-based environments. With the Cisco MDS 9710 and Cisco MDS 9706, you can still utilize current IT operations and knowledge.

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Industry's Most Reliable Storage Director

Industry's Most Reliable Storage Director

The MDS 9000 Series is capable of decades of nonstop operations. We're taking that to the next level. The MDS 9700 Series Director includes N+1 fabric, fully redundant components, and fault-tolerant architectural design.

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Greater Flexibility with Multiprotocol Innovations

Greater Flexibility with Multiprotocol Innovations

The Cisco MDS 9000 Family of products provides superb flexibility with multiprotocol innovations, unlike disparate solutions. A single, proven OS across your entire data center LAN and SAN, coupled with a single point of management, makes it easier to adopt new technologies and maintain consistent networking operations.

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Introducing New MDS Solutions

Learn how Cisco MDS solutions will support your SAN into the next decade.

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Discover Next-Generation Cisco MDS

Learn about the impact of data center transformation on storage networks.

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