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Cisco Jabber Guest Get Personal with Mobile and Web Visitors Solution Overview

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What You Will Learn

You need to get information to your customers. They want to get that information without a lot of trouble. Cisco Jabber Guest lets you invite them in through your website or mobile application to interact with contact center agents, remote experts, and other people via video and tour visually through products and services. No more requesting a chat and then waiting for a callback. Jabber® Guest gives people instant interaction as well as information. It’s a good way to make browsers into buyers.

Challenge: Getting Customers the Information They Want

When customers visit your website or mobile application, you want them to get the information they’re looking for. That’s a simple idea. And we have a simple solution. Your goal is closing the deal. Our goal is to make that as easy as possible for you.

Let's look at a few customers:

   One wants to compare features on different appliances - say, dishwashers.

   Another wants to discuss investment opportunities with a stockbroker.

   A third needs to get information about mortgage rates fast before making an offer on a house.

   A fourth customer, from another business, needs to speed up a complex order.

These individuals have individual needs. If you can satisfy them, your chances of closing the deal go way up. But how do you do it?

Treat Customers Like Guests

Here’s a short answer: Cisco Jabber Guest. Cisco Jabber Guest lets you connect with visitors through your website or mobile application to talk with one or more of your employees via instant-on, real-time voice and video. They can also watch videos about products and talk with subject-matter experts. They can ask questions and get them answered right now. And do so from the device they prefer-tablet, computer, or smartphone.

You can treat your customers like guests. And redefine the relationship you have with them.

You can also use Jabber Guest to host people with whom you do business, for example, partners and suppliers. It’s as good for B2B as B2C.

Real Experiences in Retail, Financial, and Other Businesses

Let’s talk about the consumer who wants to talk about various models of dishwashers. At your web portal or mobile app, he or she can click to talk with a sales rep right now. The customer clicks the button, and the video application starts up from within the browser or mobile application. The sales rep can talk with the customer using video, show videos of the features of various models, bring in other people to get the questions answered.

Since the video is two-way, your sales rep can see the customer, which adds a new dimension to remote customer service. Estimates are that two-thirds of face-to-face communication is nonverbal, so the video doesn’t just help your customer understand and trust your sales rep. It also helps your sales rep understand the customer much better, gauge interest, and sense when the customer wants more information or seems puzzled.

If your store is the one that gives the customer this much personal attention, you’ll stand out from your competitors.

The individual who wants portfolio management advice? He or she can talk with a personal financial advisor through your website or mobile application, see stock and bond ratings, examine financial reports, compare companies and types of investments, and be connected to one or more experts on, say, hospitality companies or small-bank CDs.

Your company wins, too:

   Your employees are better placed to up-sell.

   When your employees can see clients and their reactions, they’re more effective.

   The personal interaction improves client satisfaction, helps you retain them, and increases referrals.

In an area where trust is extremely important, dealing with the broker essentially face-to-face can be a game-changer.

The customer who wants a mortgage? With Jabber Guest, that person can call up your website or mobile app, perhaps while sitting in a coffee bar, download the loan application and talk it over with a loan rep, fill it out, talk about the documentation needed, ask questions about interest rates for 15-, 20- and 30-year terms, size of down payment and its effect on the monthly payment or interest rate. And see the numbers written down by the rep. No more waiting for a couple of hours or even days-or weeks–to get answers. And much less likelihood of the customer going to another financial institution.

The customer who wants to speed up an order for a complex piece of equipment? Your salesperson can talk with the customer and add in suppliers from whom you’ll be buying various components to see if they can deliver faster. And check with a plant manager to see if the schedule can be cleared to make time for what’s now a special order.

Even if these multimedia interactions are routine to you, they make your customer feel special.

Your employees can also use Jabber Guest when they talk with associates outside the company. For example, Jabber Guest is a good way to conduct job interviews. Some companies do them now over the phone, or at least begin the hiring process that way. With Jabber Guest, you can have a video conversation and get a much better feel for the applicant. The applicant also gets a much better sense of who you are. The process of gaining information goes both ways.

Early Field Trials

The first two examples above - the retail shopper and the investor - are drawn from companies already using Jabber Guest in early field trials. Governmental units, banks, universities, manufacturers, railroads, and consumer products companies are also conducting field trials. Here are some of the ways they’re using Jabber Guest:

   A major department store invites and manages customer interactions.

   A manufacturer communicates with its dealer network.

   A university hosts staff meetings with adjunct professors in other locations to discuss projects.

   A brick-and-mortar electronics retailer that also sells through the web and catalogues stimulates customer interest for all three sales channels though its website or mobile application.

   An insurance company provides information to potential and current customers.

   A college links guest lecturers from other colleges and universities into some of its classes, giving students a wider perspective.

   A bank makes experts available for home banking customers with questions.

The key thing to remember is that the enterprise or organization is providing interaction along with information.

The Solution: Deploying Jabber Guest

Jabber Guest server software runs as a virtual machine, deployed with the Cisco Expressway Series gateway alongside your existing Cisco Unified Communications installation. A Second Expressway Series edge server in the demilitarized zone between your firewall and the Internet gives your business or organization secure access to Jabber Guest features. And when visitors to your website or mobile application click the Jabber Guest link, their communications are secure, too-their video calls, the information they research, and the information they give your agents.

Figure 1 shows you how Jabber Guest looks to your customer.

Figure 1.      Jabber Guest Reinvents Consumer-to-Business Collaboration

Simple, straightforward, and welcoming.

And Figure 2 shows you how Jabber Guest looks to your IT department



Figure 2.      Jabber Guest Builds on the Unified Communications Infrastructure You Already Have

Also simple and straightforward.

Jabber Guest is designed to be easy:

   It’s easy to develop the parts of your website that use it: We’ve built in a developer quick-start approach with software development kits (SDKs), documentation, sample codes, and other provisions.

   It’s easy to deploy: Access to your site is through URLs, and URLs are also the pathway by which the links in your portal are made with your contact center, business office, or other places in your organization. You can create these links in a number of ways, including through a RESTful API that can be integrated into your application.

   It’s easy to access: Your guest just clicks on a link on your website or mobile application. The user experience is simple.

Jabber Guest relies on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM). It offers two features from the Cisco UCM portfolio that we’ve been discussing as especially valuable for satisfying your customers: instant-on voice and video; and the ability to display information such as flash videos, images, and URLs to the customer.

You see video of your customer captured by a camera on his or her computer, tablet, or smartphone.

As guests, your visitors have a great deal of choice:

   Point-to-point video

   Point-to-many video (videoconference)

   The ability to see themselves before going live on video

   In-call control through a keypad

   The ability to mute video, audio, or both

   The ability to see themselves as well as your employee(s)

   The choice of camera and audio device

   The choice of clicking on your website from a tablet or PC or clicking on an app from a mobile device

As developers, your IT personnel can:

   Use an SDK to create desktop web applications: We provide sample HTML and JavaScript with which they can set up video widgets and an event handler

   Use SDKs to set up mobile native applications for iOS devices

   Embed Jabber Guest functions easily into any web-based or mobile application


In addition, Jabber Guest call control is designed to be compatible with upcoming WebRTC standards.


We make life easier for your other employees, too. They can:

   Bring videos and other content into a conversation with a guest

   Bring in an expert at another location - even halfway around the world

   Focus on the business at hand, rather than the technology

   Even relax and enjoy the interaction

Why Cisco?

Jabber Guest works with products that are all designed to work together-networking, unified communications, and collaboration. Because of that, what your customers encounter is simple to use. These systems are family members, and they communicate easily with one another.

Our Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration systems are industry leaders, recognized for their breadth of features and reliability - and so is Jabber Guest. When you’re entertaining a customer through your website or mobile application, don’t you want the visit to go as smoothly as possible?