Cisco 7200 Series Routers

Cisco VPN Services Adapter

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Q. What is the Cisco ® VPN Services Adapter?
A. The Cisco VPN Services Adapter (VSA) is the latest IPsec VPN acceleration card for the Cisco 7200 Series routers that provides increased IPsec encryption performance over the existing Cisco VPN Acceleration Module 2+ (VAM2 +).
Q. How is the Cisco VSA different from other service adapters such as the VAM2+?
A. The Cisco VSA is an adapter card that fits only into the I/O controller slot 0 of the Cisco 7200 Series routers.
Q. Does the Cisco VSA have to be used with the Cisco 7200 Series NPE-G2 Network Processing Engine?
A. Yes, the Cisco VSA can only be used with the NPE-G2.
Q. How many VSAs can be used in one Cisco 7200 Series router?
A. One, because one Cisco VSA fits into the only I/O slot 0 of the Cisco 7200 Series router.
Q. Can I use the Cisco VSA and a VAM2+ in one chassis for additional performance?
A. No, if a VAM2+ is also inserted in a port adapter slot while the VSA is in the I/O slot, the VAM2+ will automatically be disabled.
Q. What is the performance of the Cisco VSA?
A. The VSA supports up to 960Mbps for 1400-byte packets with 1000 active tunnels.
Q. Does the VSA take up any bandwidth points on the Cisco 7200 Series router?
A. No, the VSA fits into the the I/O controller slot, conserving valuable bandwidth point for use with other Port Adaptors.

More information on bandwidth points can be found here

Q. What is the earliest recommended Cisco IOS Software release for the Cisco VSA?
A. The recommended Cisco IOS Software release is 12.4(15)T. The Advanced Security feature set is required to run the Cisco VSA.
Q. What Cisco IPsec solutions are supported with the VSA?
A. The VSA supports IPsec solutions including GET VPN, DMVPN, Easy VPN, and Static or Dynamic Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (VTI).
Q. With which release is GET VPN first supported?
A. The recommended IOS Software release for GET VPN on the Cisco VSA is 12.4(15)T.
Q. Do the Cisco 7200 Series routers support IPsec without a hardware encryption module?
A. We do not recommend using IPsec without hardware encryption. It should be noted that we do not test software-based IPsec.
Q. Has the Cisco VSA undergone any 3rd party testing or verification?
A. Yes, VSA performance with data and voice was tested and verified by Meircom.
Q. What kind of recognition has the Cisco VSA received from the industry?
A. The Cisco 7200 Series router with Cisco VSA has received the " Best Aggregation Router" 2008 Technology of the Year award from InfoWorld.
Q. How does the Cisco VSA fit into Cisco's VPN product portfolio?
A. The Cisco VSA is a complement to the Cisco VAM2+ and Cisco IPsec VPN Shared Port Adapter.

Table 1. Cisco head-end VPN accelerator modules


Cisco VAM2+

Cisco VSA

Cisco IPsec VPN SPA

Performance Max/IMIX 1k Tunnels

282 Mbps/80- 120 Mbps

960 Mbps/600-800 Mbs

2.4 Gbps/1.7 Gbps


5K IPsec tunnels

5K IPsec tunnels

16K IPsec tunnels

RP Redundancy

Single RP

Single RP

Dual RP Option

Control/Data Plane





Box to box

Box to box

Blade to blade and box to box

Plain IPSec Site-to-Site
















Q. How does the VSA scale?
A. The Cisco VSA supports up to 5000 IPsec tunnels.
Q. Does the Cisco VSA support failover?
A. Yes, the Cisco VSA supports stateful interchassis IPsec failover.
Q. What is the part-number of the Cisco VSA and are there Cisco 7200 Series bundles that include the Cisco VSA?
A. Yes, see Table 2. The security bundle includes the 7206VXR chassis, AC Power Supply, VSA, NPE-G2 and IOS advanced Security 12.4(15)T.

Table 2. Ordering information

Product Name

Part Number

VPN Services Adapter for the Cisco 7200


VPN Services Adapter for the Cisco 7200 (Spare)


Security Bundle with NPE-G2 and VSA


Q. Does the Cisco VSA participate in any Cisco Technology Migration Program (CTMP)?
A. Yes, the Cisco VSA participates in CTMP and provides up to $4000 USD in credit when migrating from either Cisco VAM (SA-VAM=) or VAM2 (SA-VAM2=) modules.

For More Information

For more information about the VPN Service Adaptor, please visit either the Cisco Website, email, or contact your local Cisco Systems ® account representative.